Would you rather your child be less attractive and extremely intelligent or extremely attractive and less intelligent?

When we become parents life becomes a whole different game. It’s like reaching the boss level where everything you’ve learned in the levels before is put into play. You have to use a good sense of judgment that you learned over time. You have to use your personal strategy of disciplining kids that you’ve studied and adapted from your parents discipline style. You have to use all your connections and opportunities to create financial security for at least an eighteen year streak. And you have to find the elusive balance of being a respected authority and trusted friend at the same time. Life gets really complex really fast.

We have so much influence in the lives of our kids. Everything from where we live down to the food we choose to eat will make a world of difference. And we have to exercise our personal judgment on what is right and wrong in life for more than just ourselves. So it’s important to make decisions on what you want for your kids much before they arrive. Think about what music, community, diet, friends, religion, and habits you want to cultivate in them. They’re all important. But even the simple hypotheticals like their level of attractiveness matters. You should think about it all. So would you rather your child be less attractive and extremely intelligent or extremely attractive and less intelligent?

Here’s my thoughts on whether I’d rather my child be more attractive or more intelligent.

Sorry I couldn’t share a story today guys. I’ve never had my own child. And it’s hard for me to remember my own stories from childhood. I do remember being a very smart kid. I always knew I was above average in my studies. And I was never the kid that was thought to be attractive by any means. I got a little better over the years but still definitely not my strong suit. So instead of create some fake story about my childhood being attractive and smart I’ll just share my thoughts. If I think of a good story I’ll be sure to add it in somewhere here. For now, let me tell you my raw and honest thoughts on intelligence and attractiveness. It’s a little sad.

Attractiveness is a huge factor in success. The world doesn’t like to bring it to light but almost everyone has a personal preference of attractive. We want the attractive looking hotel room over the economical one. We want the attractive outfit for the party not the comfortable one. We want the attractive boyfriend or girlfriend rather than the loyal one. It’s so darn sad that even when we buy fruits from the grocery store we stand there like idiots searching for the most attractive apples. It’s almost comical when you hear it out loud but yes we look for attractive fruits when we go grocery shopping. And we can’t really blame people. Attraction is a major currency in this world.

I mean just listen to the world. To be attractive is to be desirable to others in a way. So the more desirable you are, the more leverage you have in life. If you have something that is desired then you can bargain that to get something that you desire. That’s why pretty girls can easily get a job at a bar without ever taking a formal interview. That’s why attractive recording artists usually end up spread ten times farther than the talented but ugly artist. When you are attractive, you are implied to have value in the world. Even if you can’t read a second graders picture book, if you’re pretty then you’re worthy. Sometimes people just want something nice to look at.

As far as intelligence goes, it’s a very valuable commodity in and of itself. When you’re an intelligent person you have a very conrecte and measurable value to the world. You can very efficiently solve tough problems. You can learn things very well. You can adapt to situations in the best way to find success. Intelligence is a highly powerful asset to the world. The problem with intelligence is that it’s not something that displays itself at all times. So when you walk around at a mall you’re not getting approached with job offers to be a data scientist. Nobody walking past knows you how canny and intelligent you are. Whereas an attractive male can walk through a mall and get offers to work a model or security job. Your greatest asset is always on display.

Think of it like a peacock. When you’re attractive you’re getting inbound leads from people seeing your stunning beauty in person. When you’re intelligent you have to take quizzes and interviews to prove your worthiness. Additionally, intelligence has low correlation to success in life. Many people are wildly intelligent but lack graceful social skills. The book “Outlier” by Malcom Gladwell addresses the importance of “EQ” and how being emotionally savvy will get you much further in life than raw intelligence. So there’s a lot of things working against intelligence. But intelligence does do one thing that attractiveness doesn’t. It opens up a whole new perspective of life.

With intelligence, you can shoot to bring humans to Mars. Or maybe you’ll design the next revolutionary phone or music device. Intelligence gives you a level of confidence that attractiveness could never do. Life is an opportunity to flourish, expand, and progress when you have intelligence on your side. Attractiveness ultimately breeds superficialness and insecurity in the best of people. I would never choose that life over a life of pure astonishment and wonder with intelligence. When you have the wits to back you up all your dreams and ideas are possible. The world is your playing ground. I would have the world’s ugliest kids if I knew they would be highly intelligent.

And truth be told, intelligence is highly attractive!

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