Would you rather have less work or more work you actually enjoy doing?

Work hard, play hard. That’s the motto. We’re all in competition to work harder and longer than everyone around us. The problem is we hate work. Work is such a stressful activity. By nature work is something we usually should do but don’t want to. There’s another way to look at it though.

Work on things that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s what they say. And I agree with this statement a lot. But honestly, some people don’t know what they really want in their work life. There’s work you love. And then there’s just less work. Some people want less work, some want more work they love.

What is the key to happiness in your work life? Here’s what I would choose.

Working is something I naturally gravitate towards. No matter what stage my life is in, I always find myself doing some type of work. It’s usually because I’m someone that enjoys being productive in general. When I’m making strides forward, I’m much happier as a person.

Therefore, there’s always an abundance of work in my life. There’s always something else to be done. And it’s never because I just work to work. I don’t understand the people who just work and slave because they love being busy. Not like, being active, but they love the act of not having spare time. That’s not me.

I would surely without a doubt say less work because I love spare time. When I have time to myself, I can do any amount of things that make me happy. It could be reading. It could be walking. It could be gaming. It could be watching Youtube videos. Whatever it is, I love being a liberty to spend time as I please. Most likely, it will spend doing some type of work though.

So I can’t ask for more work. Whether the work is work I love is irrelevant. There’s many different things I love. So I could easily be flooded without different types of tasks and work to do everyday if I asked for more work I loved. If it’s work that I hate, then that sucks too. Don’t want to be eating up that time with dreadful tasks. And worst case scenario, I get more work I love, and I end up hating it from doing it so much.

The best option for someone like me is to say less work. Always ask for less work. Not because I’m being a super lazy bum. Just because with the less work, I have more spare time. And with more spare time, I can literally do anything I want. There’s no bound to gaming, or sleeping, or eating. I can work on things I love with that time too. It would be a win-win.

There’s no right answer. Everyone needs different things in their work life. And when you’re bombarded with hours of boring work, it might seem best to ask for more work you love. That’s fair. To spend more time doing work, but being happy while doing it. That’s a quick way to living a more fulfilling and happy life.

But when it’s all set and done, there will always be work to do. Some will be enjoyable, others will be painstaking. And there will be lots of this work. Whether people want to do more of the work they enjoy, or less of the work they hate is up in the air.

But one thing I’ll always know for sure… The work must be done!

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