Would you ever give up your life to save someone else?

Sacrifice is something that we all have to endure. Life is full of giving and taking. And we often have to make big sacrifices to achieve big things. That’s how the game works. We sacrifice going to a job we hate to make the income to keep the lights on. We sacrifice our personal lives to care for the people we love and so on.

But there are some things we just aren’t willing to sacrifice. Most people would never sacrifice their family for a quick financial gain. Some people might sacrifice a financial gain for their family though. It’s very subjective. But would you ever sacrifice your life to save someone else?

That’s a tough one. But here’s my answer and thoughts on sacrificing my life.

We only get one life. There’s no switching out your body when you get old and achey. There’s no paying someone to give you a nicer and more athletic body. We get one chance and one opportunity to experience this thing we called life. And there’s an unlimited amount of possibilites in life.

The things we learn and experience can truly be called priceless. Nobody can put a true and concrete price on a life. But we tend to think lives in comparison to other lives are comparable. One life is essentially equal to another. That’s how we as humans morally look at it. Of course different details like family, kids, or love interests may skew higher in value than a stranger to us.

But the overall trend is all humans are valuable. Unlike how we treat animals and foreign life, humans are always protected and valued. So although sacrificing my life sounds so insane, when we bring another life into play it changes. There’s a little more reasoning and understanding in that thought process. I wouldn’t want to die for a pig to live. And usually, I wouldn’t want to die for another human. But I’d prefer the latter.

I think given the right situation I would actually sacrifice my life for someone else to live. It’s such a hard situation to be in but I think I would have the guts to do it in the right situation. Well what’s that situation Tim? That situation would have to be perfectly aligned with so many tiny factors in play. I can’t tell you exactly what it would take, but here’s a few things I’m sure would be present.

It would be for someone I know. Not just someone I know, but someone I know very well. I would have to care for this person on a very high level. I would have to know them inside and out. I would have to admire their character and know that they aren’t the type of person to waste their life on drugs and partying. I need to know it would be worth it.

It would have to be a situation with no other alternatives. I’m a smart person. I believe that I would easily outthink any life or death situation. Instantly I would be brainstorming all the realistic and likely options. If the only option is one of two people have to die, then well I’d start contemplating. It would make it even more reasonable if I was saving more than one life… even if it was just two versus one. I love math.

But ultimately I wouldn’t take something like that lightly. And of the top of my head there’s only a handful of people I know I would seriously consider self sacrifice for. And the hands not even full. But I know I would do it simply because I’m understanding of death. It’s imminent. I don’t think I’ll miss life. And I understand that. If there’s someone I know values life and is a great human being. I wouldn’t shut down the thought of ending an already great life I’ve lived. That’s why we must live like there’s no tomorrow. Because one day it will be true.

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