Would you break the law to save a loved one?

Our whole life we’ve been taught to follow directions and never break rules. We’re told that the winners in life always follow the rules. And while this may not be completely true, rules add so much value to a functioning society. It makes us more efficient and feel a lot safer.

But otherwise, there’s nothing really special about being a law abiding citizen. There’s no awards or recognition like you get in school for one hundred percent attendance. Honestly whether we know it or not, we’ve all broken a rule or two. Life goes on.

But intentionally breaking the law is much riskier and requires you to answer some tougher questions… Like, “should I break the law to save a loved one?”

This is a question that nobody ever wants to answer. Nonetheless, I think it’s a question many people have found themselves presented with. Should I kill this guy to save my girlfriends life? Or should I rob this bank to get my sister released from these terrorists?

It’s tough to say.

But from a general perspective, I would break the law to save a loved one. There’s three simple conditions though. Here’s a list:

The loved one.

We all know love is a powerful force. One of the few things that can motivate anybody to do almost anything. I’m not alone when I say I would do anything to save the life of a loved one. But there’s levels to love. Some people we love as friends. Other people we love as family, or even love as a soulmate.

With so many people in our lives these days, I think it would be hard to break the law for any and everyone. It would have to be someone I love to death. Someone I would never want to live without. Someone I know loves me enough to do the same for me. That’s not everyone. That’s bestfriends, soulmates, and family.

How this happened.

Another thing that I would have to consider is how the situation came about. How on earth did we end up in a situation where I’m breaking the law to save loved ones. I know things happen and that’s fine. But sometimes people don’t heed advice or worse, orchestrate things to set you up.

If I knew this loved one didn’t listen to people that tried to help them, it would influence my thoughts. We can’t help those who don’t help themselves. I want to know that my loved one didn’t directly or indirectly cause the situation. Don’t play on cliffs because you jeopardize your friends life when they try to save you.

The law I’m breaking.

The last thing that will matter to me is… what laws exactly will I have to break. We all know crime is crime just like sin is sin. But all laws aren’t made equal, especially not in the eyes of humanity. So yes, in the heat of the moment, I’d probably break any law to save my mom.

But let’s be clear about the one law I would never intentionally break. Murder. Taking another human life is a cardinal sin above all others. I would struggle just to live with myself knowing I killed another human. So if that’s what it takes, I might have to accept the loss of a loved one.

This is definitely a tough situation to be in. And we can’t save everyone. Honestly, we can’t even save all of our loved ones. So let’s fight for those we love. But be sure to choose your battles wisely.

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