With the resources you have right now, what can you do to bring yourself closer to your goal?

Goals are the things we create to add more focus and direction to lives. Think about how wreckless and random life would be without goals. Of course, there’s beauty to being a free spirit and going with the flow. But for the people with serious aspirations, it’s counterintuitive to live without any goals. With goals we can give ourselves clear targets to aim at. And we often miss those targets in life.

But because we had something to aim at, we land a lot closer than without that goal. And we can always have something to reference our progress against. But it takes resourcefulness to reach the biggest of goals. The most successful people always use the resources they have to help them reach their goals. Many everyday people falsely believe they don’t have any resources. But we all do have some resource even if it’s the bare minimum. So with the resources you have right now, what can you do to bring yourself closer to your goal?

Here’s my thoughts on what I can do right now to bring myself closer to my goal with the resources I have right now.

Resources are something that can be subjective at times. One person may see a bag of trash as a liability. Another person could see the same bag of trash and see materials for a new art piece. So there’s no black and white when it comes to determining what is and isn’t a resource. Anything can be a liability in the right situation or with the wrong perspective. Even the universally desired resource of money could be seen as a liability when friends and family see you as a bag of cash.

It’s not the most likely thing to say money isn’t helpful to you. And even the people that do find more money to be stressful choose to keep it and just deal with. The more money, the more problems we’ll deal with. But all in all, every resource in your life comes down to a matter of perspective. If you think hard enough you can find resources all around you. And at first I couldn’t think of clear resources. But after some thought it’s clear I have many resources.

I have a lot of great connections sitting in my email and phone contacts. There are very influential people that I’ve met all the way back when I was in highschool. I’m not going to sit and list out names. But my biggest goals right now are in the business area. And many of my contacts are successful businesspeople. They run some of the top Fortune 500 companies from around the world. And I know many people wake up everyday hoping to make some of the connections I have.

It’s surely a resource I have at my disposal. I could reach out to them to reconnect and rebuild our relationships. I could check on them and see if there’s any way I could provide them value. I could then ask them for advice on how to grow my business in the ways I envision. It’s hard to figure everything out on your own. And I know some of the people in my rolodex have experienced some of the same roadblocks that are currently in front of me.

I could also use the resource of the business I have. It could be beneficial to use the credibility and little success of my startup to open doors to new opportunities. It’s hard to attract experienced and talented professionals to small companies. There’s just so much competition from big tech companies like Netflix, Facebook and Google. But what we’ve built here at Sparketh is still pretty cool in it’s own right. We could leverage our current product to attract more talent.

There’s many other resources that I have around me. And I know I’m not using them all to my full potential. But if I had to change up my resource use right now, those are two places I would focus. I could use the contacts I have for business advice and strategies. And I could use the credibility and traction of Sparketh to build a team. Those two things alone would get me very close to my goals. What can you do with your current resources to get closer to your goals?

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