Why must you love someone enough to let them go?

Love is a universal language. We’re all understanding of love from the moment we step foot on earth. As babies, we immediately look to get love and affection from our mothers and fathers. As life goes on, we’re still looking for that love. But we look in many different places. And the love starts to look a lot different than the love we knew as babies.

That’s the sad part. We often give love a bad look when we get older. It stops looking like affection and quality time. We start thinking sex, texts, and social media likes is the love we’re looking for. And when we confuse what true love feels like, we become worse at loving others. Many things about love we don’t understand to this day. For example, why must we love someone enough to let them go?

I’m no love expert but here’s my thoughts on love.

Love is something that should ultimately be unconditional. We should be able to love the things we care about without conditions. Many people say unconditional love but then immediately has conditions. I want to find a husband with money. My girlfriend has to have a great body. There’s so many conditions in the love we practice today.

I’m no exception. But we all know we’re wrong. It’s not something we’re proud of and we often work to be better at loving unconditionally. Maybe our wife lost her job. We push through and stick with the woman we love. Conditions can’t break us. But there’s another key part of love that people ignore.

Love should be unconditional. Love should also be selfless. And that’s a big part of showing someone true love. There are many people that are very selfish in their love. They want love to be on their terms. They want to get gifts on Valentine’s Day. They want to get sexually pleased all the time. They want to get the wedding of their dreams.

These are all things that are fine for a relationship. But true love is not always net positive. Almost everybody looks at love as a gateway to something they want or need. They want the personal company or the sexy date. When we go into love with the mindset of getting a profit, we are not loving in a genuine way. Love should work like a non-profit rather than a corporation.

This all leads to the point of loving someone enough to let them go. Someone that truly loves someone will always want what is best for that person. They will always want that person to be happy and content with their life. And that’s great. But sometimes that person’s true happiness lies somewhere else. And true love is willing to let that person go to see them happy.

We should all be willing to let go of the things and people we truly love. We won’t always be what’s best for someone. And when we say we love someone but aren’t willing to let go, it’s not true love. It’s a love born from selfishness. We call that obsession. And many of us practice this false love where the extent of our sacrifices ends when it no longer benefits us.

That is sad. Don’t live in denial. We will make the ultimate sacrfice for the people we love… even when that sacrifice means letting go of the thing we love. Always remember that. True love is unconditional but it’s also selfless. Are you truly in love?

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