Why do you matter?

Everyone’s so special. We’re surrounded by legends and moguls everywhere we look. In this day and age we see celebrities more than ever. Our favorite actors vlog their lives on Youtube. Our favorite musicians are performing at every new music festival. Our favorite athletes are competing weekly in front of thousands. These people really matter. There’s no denying that.

But that can lead us to a have a strong sense of shame. We’re not professional bloggers getting millions of unique monthly visitors. We’re not instafamous with tens of millions of people watching our lives. We’re not founders of a billion dollar startup. So we must not matter. That’s not true. We all matter on this world. But only we can truly answer the question. So tell me, why do you matter?

Here’s why I matter and my thoughts on it.

First of all there’s no wrong answer to this question. That’s the beauty in it. No matter what you say, you’re right. Every answer is the right answer. And many people may take time to look for some kind of validation, but that’s the wrong way to look at it. You create your value in this world. No matter who says differently, you matter.

That’s exactly why I matter. I matter because I said so. Nobody can look into my eyes and truthfully tell me differently. I don’t need to cough up the numbers of followers I have on Instagram. I don’t need to tell you how much money I make. And I don’t need to tell you all about my credentials. If I say matter because I’m funny. Then that’s simply it. Because I said so.

But there’s many other reasons beyond this one that explains why I matter. Another reason I matter is because I’ve positively impacted others. I don’t know how many people I’ve positively impacted. But I know I’ve inspired at least one person in one way. It could be because of the exceptional grades I got in high school graduating as an AP Scholar. I could of inspired people with my journey battling Sickle Cell Disease. Or many other things.

But that’s something I’m sure of. Others have been inspired simply by me living my life. And many people don’t realize the same has happened with them. If you’re not a serial killer doing damage to humanity chances are you have inspired at least one person. And it’s more likely you’ll inspire many people throughout your life. It’s crazy because you don’t even have to know the person you’ve impacted, but nonetheless, you did impact them.

That’s why all of us matter. And there’s many more reasons. We all contribute a unique one of a kind impossible to duplicate perspective of the world. That’s something you have that nobody in the world will ever be able to have. I only I can share that perspective. And your one little perspective may just change your school, city, or even the world. That’s why I matter.

I also matter because I was put here for a purpose. That means I have a mission to accomplish or further. That’s special. We’re all here for a purpose. I know my purpose these days. But even for the people that don’t know, it doesn’t change the fact that you have a purpose on this Earth. You weren’t an accident. And you have a purpose and ultimately a value to everyone. It’s great to find your purpose but many people have died not realizing all the good they’ve done for the world. They still matter. I still matter. We still matter. Simply because we say so.

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