Why do we think of others the most when they’re gone?

Some people are just meant to be in our lives. You know that one person you meet and you feel an instant connection with them. A connection that’s deeper than lust or personal gain. But a connection that makes you feel like you can both add true value to each other’s life for years to come.

Then as life goes on, there will be new friends. There will be friends that leave. But whenever that person leaves you can’t stop thinking about that person. I think this someone you know is truly meant to be in your life. But why do we always think of these people when they’re gone?

Here’s my thoughts on why we think of others most when they’re gone.

I believe everybody has a feeling they give to others. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, there is some feeling you give others when you’re around them. It has nothing to do with talking or not. It’s just being in the vicinity of someone else that can make you feel their aura.

When one person is gone, you feel that aura leave. You feel that person being withdrawn from your life. It’s weird. But it’s like when you’re at a party and you get lost from your best friend. Sometime later you find yourself feeling like your friend isn’t at the party anymore. You don’t have to look around. You go outside to find your friend was outside getting fresh air or on a phone call.

Sometimes you can just feel another person’s aura. I think when that aura is gone we can’t help but think of what is missing. When someone leaves a room that room is no longer the same. Everyone adds weight to the world. When someone leaves the earth or passes, their weight is gone and the world doesn’t rotate the same.

I think we’re all afraid of losing things we truly love. And it scares us when we do lose something we truly care about. So we can’t help but think of everything we lost and how much value someone has added to our life. It’s sad but true. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. And we rarely take the time to think of people until they are gone.

A person that we’re really close to makes it that much harder when they’re gone. Their presence will forever be missing from your life. It will be a major and noticeable difference. That thought will constantly be in your mind. It’s like walking around with a pie that has a huge slice missing. Whenever you look at that pie, you think of the missing piece.

We can take more time now to think about the people we love. We can take more time to tell these people we love them. We can take more time to create new memories and experiences with these people. There’s no fixing that missing feeling. But we can always cherish people more before they’re forever gone… or before we are.

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