Why do we idolize sports players?

Everyone wants to be a rapper, actor, or sports player in this day and age. There’s something super special about seeing people become superstars for being talented. And in this day and age everyone believes they have the talent it takes to be a great rapper or actor. But of the three, many people idolize the pure talent of sports stars the most.

Maybe because you can’t just pay basketball your whole life and become the best. You can train your rhythm and lyrical ability. You can take acting courses for years and become super talented. But when it comes to sports sometimes all the practice in the world won’t get you any closer to being a pro. The question is why do idolize sports players so much?

Here’s why we idolize sports players and my thoughts on it.

I’m not a super big sports fan myself. I was never a super athletic child. God spent more time on my mental ability rather than my physical. So I wouldn’t pay sports too much attention as a kid. I wanted to study the genius inventors and entreprenurs of the world. Years later I still love entrepreneurs, but sports players are pretty special.

I’ve come to admire sports in general for the dedication and mental willpower it takes to be great at it. There’s also so much strategy and precise execution in sports. I think when we watch sports over and over we gain more and more respect for it. We see how deliberate you have to be when playing soccer to score a goal. And we see how precise you have to be throw a football perfectly hundreds of miles.

So when we watch a game of basketball the first time we may think, “I can do that.” But after watching a whole season we get a real sense of the good teams from the bad teams. And it’s not just putting a ball in a hoop anymore. The skill gap becomes apparent and respect starts to come in.

After getting up and playing basketball, soccer, or football ourselves something even more special happens. We realize that most sports are ridiculously difficult. When normal people try playing sports like pros it feels like trying to win the giant teddy bear at carnival games. It’s almost impossible.

And I think that’s when a lot of admiration starts to kick in for most people. We go from thinking sports players are narcissistic hot heads to disciplined go-getters. It’s the same way I feel about players like Kyrie Irving who is an absolute legend and playing basketball. There was no way I would of ever known his name until I learned to respect the craft.

I think we take that respect and admiration and turn it into idolization at some point. Because it takes so much luck to be the perfect height we can look at players like miracles sent from heaven. Or maybe because we’ll never have a 6ft wingspan we idolize the people that do. Either way, sports players are normal but special at the same time. No one is worthy of true idolization but sports players surely deserve some kind of respect. What do you think?

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