Why do religions that advocate unity divide the human race?

We all need something to believe in. The world is such a cold and dark place at times. If we only focused on our surroundings we’d all be depressed and sad. But we’re not always in a depressing slump. We have religion which gives us hope and lots of optimism.

The things we could never understand, is answered through concepts of religion. It’s a major part of humanity and what makes us tick. Religions give many the optimism, understanding, and faith we need to live in this world. But there’s so many different religions pushing so many different views. Why do religions that advocate unity divide the human race?

Here’s my thoughts on why religions divide the human race.

Religion is a powerful concept. It is taking any and all of the unexplainable and bringing some level of understanding to it. Sometimes that understanding is just accepting that we won’t understand. But it’s still very powerful to influence and build the foundation of how humans view the world.

That’s why many religions have such strong followings. The people that believe a religion aren’t just dipping their foot in the water. They are completely immersed in the world of that religion. It affects every aspect of that person’s life. They choose their location, friends, career, and more all from the concepts of their religion.

Almost all these religions preach unity as the answer. They speak about everyone working together for a unified vision. We’re all much more powerful in higher numbers. And being divided over finite resources like materials, money, and location can be very toxic. Eventually, it leads to things like war and famine. So many religions do strongly believe in practicing unity.

But somehow, they’re all still dividing the world more and more every day. The reason this happens seems simple to me. Religion is too important in people’s lives to accept differences in belief. When millions of people build the foundation of who they are and what they believe from a religion, it becomes a vital part of their life.

So although some religions may be very similar, a small difference in semantics, timing, or explanation becomes a huge difference. Most people will take pickles off their burger if that’s not what they like. It won’t make or break their life, so it’s no big deal. But pulling out a wooden beam on the foundation of your religion can shake up your entire life. So many people stand strongly behind their religion, and they scorn all the others.

That’s another big part of the division. Religion is something people have strong beliefs in. So instead of being understanding of the other religions, they mock them. It’s one of those situations that the only way for your belief to be right, everyone else has to be wrong. The concept of religion is built on the preconception that there can only be one true religion. That with the dilemma of never being able to concretely prove one religion correct, leaves it forever in a deep division. Why do you think unity preaching religions result in division?

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