Why are you, you?

There are billions of humans living on earth. The number gets higher and higher every single day. There’s essentially 360,000 new babies born every single day. That’s amazing. But you would think there are millions of copies out there. Somebody has to be exactly the same as you or him or me.

That’s not true though. There are twins and triplets but nobody is exactly the same. We’re all unique individuals in this world. Our make up is one of kind because of many different factors. That is why nobody can be you. We all have different things that we feel make us, us. So among a sea of billions of humans, why are you, you?

Here’s why I’m me.

Everything about me seems average and standard. I’m just about average male height. I’m not a super athlete with super speed. I’m not super sluggish and can’t move my body. I’m just right in the middle. But that’s not what makes me, me.

The thing that makes me one of a kind, is simply my mind. My mind is without a doubt my most special asset. I’m far from usual with the things I think. I think about things in a completely unique matter with a super fresh perspective. That’s why I’m, me.

For example, who decides to write an essay answering a new question every day for 365 days? Pretty much nobody. That’s a challenge and adventure my mind thought about. Then I took action to bring it into existence. I love that about me. I push myself to be unique, creative, and progressive.

What makes my mind even more special is the way it works. I’m not motivated to impress people. I’m not writing to get millions of readers that worship me. That’s what most people do. I’ve gone three months, almost one hundred days without a single person reading my essays. That’s fine. My mind is fascinated and occupied with myself.

I’m me because my mind is something that motivates and dictates ninety percent of everything I do. And when I think of the things my mind is capable of, I know it’s big things. That’s why I’m me. I was meant to do big things for others, for the world, and for myself. That’s why I’m using my special mind to change things.

I believe I’m me because I’m meant to create change. It’s like being born with a super power but not yet using it. You know you can do so much good for the world but you’ve yet to fully blossom. That is the story of me and my mind. A powerful tool at my disposal waiting to impact millions if not billions of other special people. That is why Tim, is tim… and not Bill.

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