Whose life have you had the greatest impact on?

It’s insane to see how influential celebrities are in the world. One subtle suggestion from a celebrity can turn a dying product into a huge thriving brand. And what’s worse is how the product and quality is almost irrevelant in the equation. As a celebrity or someone with a following you hold influence over thousands of other people. Often this influence means that they can directly impact peoples lives a the click of a button. Young girls live up to their body image. Young boys aspire to achieve the same level of power and confidence. It’s a lot of pressure knowing you’re impacting hundreds of thousands of people.

But that’s the extreme end of the equation. As regular old citizens that work and provide for a family it’s easy to think we hold no influence. I have barely any close friends and don’t like spending too much time on social media. So there’s no way I could be impacting others. That’s wrong. It’s estimated that we interact with eighty thousand people in our lifetimes. That’s a whole ten thousand more people than everyone living on the Cayman Islands. There are hundred of people that are affected, inspired, or cognizant of our actions. We all impact people in life even if it’s just indirectly. So tell me whose life have you had the greatest impact on?

Here’s a short story on whose life I’ve had the greatest impact on.

We all stood in the booth with a weird nervousness about us. Nobody was even walking the halls yet. But the weird side eyes from neighboring booths made us feel like an apple in a basket of oranges. Or maybe we were three tomatoes in a bunch of apples. Either way, I looked at Enkose and Dwayne and told them we had to get in the zone. I reminded them about the vision and what we were trying to create with our business. They nodded their heads and started bouncing up and down with energy. We circled up prayed for the best and shouted, “3rd Wave!” That just made even more booth workers look confused.

But before we could even notice, the doors flew open. I looked over and it was a sea of people flooding into the halls with bags, and pamphlets in hand. There were families of all type black, brown, white, big, small and everything inbetween. These were all our target market’s potential customers and the moment that door opened we had officially launched! So as group of people broke off from the crowd and headed our direction, we got ready to sell. They approached slowly while curiously looking at our booth. They looked at us. We looked at them. And they just walked right by. Then another group looked and walked by. And then a few more.

We quickly huddled back up and decided that we needed to initiate the interaction. It was pretty much all of our first times selling in any capacity. To say we were amateurs is an understatement. We decided we’d just ask them if their kids were interested in art. So we waited for the next approaching group. I looked at Dwayne and Enkose and saw they were a little hesitant. I stepped forward and confidently said, “Hey, are your kids interested in art?” She replied yes and we started talking. I gave her a full blown pitch on Sparketh (one of the first ever sales pitches) and she loved it. Her daughter was fourteen and super interested in art. She signed up.

It was a surreal moment. We worked so hard all year creating this product and finally it was paying off. It was our first ever Sparketh customer. We had a mini celebration in our booth. Then we got back to hustling. Dwayne and Enkose started taking action talking to every parent that walked by. They were inspired. And every parent was super interested in the site. They either signed up on the spot or asked to get more info emailed. But then came an amazing mom by the name of Tracy. She walked up to the booth intrigued with what we were offering. Dwayne immediately told her about the Sparketh platform and what we were trying to create.

She was so impressed with the platform that she called up her daughter on the spot. Dwayne talked to her daughter who had a strong interest in the arts. They clicked and she was excited to try out Sparketh. They signed up. We were all in awe with how grateful and joyful our product made that mom. They ended up using Sparketh for both their daughters as the homeschooled over the months. And over the years Tracy and her family became close friends of ours. We would go to their daughters games and watch them dominate in volleyball. They would show us the art they’ve been creating. And we would talk new features and ideas for Sparketh.

They were more than just our early adopters. They were our raving fans. One of the daughters excelled signifcantly with her art over the years. The other one, passionate about baking inspired us to realize a Sparketh Baking Beta program. We were so glad to see them grow and flourish over the years. When I think of the life I’ve most impacted I think of this family. Then I realize there have been hundreds of families sign up to Sparketh over the years. So the life I’ve most impacted is the thousands of kids and teens that have fostered their creativity with Sparketh. I know that even the smallest thing could inspire a young artist to reach new heights in life.

Thank you Tracy, Lauren, Natalie, and Michael for showing me and Dwayne that our work has a purpose in this world. I love you all!

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