Whom do you secretly envy? Why?

It’s crazy how we’re born in this world with no skills or knowledge at all. We’re essentially a blank slate waiting to be sketched on over time. And that’s exactly what happens. We develop over years and years to learn many new things. Those things start with basics like walking and talking. But eventually we start to acquire and retain knowledge as we roam the world. All that knowledge goes into creating a better or worse version of ourselves sometimes. But we use the knowledge to learn new skills or develop new traits that we never knew we had. I know I’ve grown tremendously from the knowledge I’ve picked up in my younger years.

A few decades down the line and you might just be a master at one or two things. Imagine starting from absolutely nothing into learning how to be an expert at painting or playing basketball. It’s incredible the way humans learn and develop over time. Many times we get so good at one or two things that others get jealous. I know some times I wish I was a great painter or athlete. But the same way others may envy us. We meet people in life that are amazing in their own respective crafts. And we can sometimes secretly hope to be as good as those people. That’s perfectly normal. You should keep those thoughts clear because you could be a pro or learn from their example if you do. So whom do you secretly envy and why?

Here’s a short story on who I secretly envy and why I do.

I finished my studying and closed out my browser windows. Sometimes I hated taking online courses because they were so tedious. You had to log in almost every day and do discussions. And of course there was the dreadfully boring powerpoints that seemed like they were made in the 1980s. But I kept logging in and getting my work done each and every day. If I knew I was going to be dropping out a mere four months later, I wouldn’t have moved a muscle. It was just weird being on campus but still doing online courses. Ironic much. Anywho, I pulled out some juice pouches and chips to eat. Studying always made me wildly hungry.

I grabbed my Playstation 4, two controllers, and headed to the Multi-Purpose Room. It was the only place with a TV big enough to play games in high quality. I layed my blanket on the couch and plugged in my system. I loaded up the game I waited hours in line for the night before. But it was surely worth the wait because I loved stealing cars and driving around wrecklessly switching between three characters. I don’t think I’ll ever get old of that series. I popped open my chips and got right back in to the game. Yup, I was that kid. Just as I walked out my condo to go and pick up some hookers near the strip club, I got a call on my phone. I looked over while getting in my pimped out car. I couldn’t tell who it was. “Who was really bothering me at this time?!”

I kept weaving through traffic as I pulled my phone closer. I flipped it over and lo and behold it was the one person I wanted to talk to. I hadn’t heard from Dwayne in a week or two. It was like the longest we’d gone with out speaking in a long while. I looked at his caller ID and just started smiling. He finally called. I knew what that meant. I paused the game and cheerily answered the phone. “What is gooood BROOO!” It was rare that we didn’t talk for so long. But I knew he needed to do what he did. We all have different ways we escape from the world and this was his. I couldn’t judge or be mad at him for living his life. It was his life. But as soon as I heard his voice I knew one thing for sure. It was going to be a long night.

He just touched down in Atlanta. He was gone for at least two weeks on an absolutely crazy trip. He was going through a lot of crazy things not too long back. And he needed the time to escape from it all. He loved travelling so that’s exactly what he chose to do. He found this bold, hippie-style traveling group company called Contiki Tours. They take people from one location to multiple iconic and exciting destinations for one affordable price. You go around seeing amazing wonders of the world sleeping in cheap hotels and hostels. It was crazy, adventurous, and light-spirited from what he told me before he left. I’ve never even heard of something so outrageously bold in my life. And this guy just upped and flew out in the blink of an eye.

I always admired that about him. I couldn’t never get up and commit to something so crazy so quickly. I would spend months planning and probably somehow find a way to talk myself out of the whole thing. “Bro, I’ve been good. So many crazy stories!,” he said. He started telling me about the west side of the Americas and how things are completely different. He told me got to visit the Grand Canyon and it was so expansive and mind-blowing. He told me met some of the coolest people he’s ever met his whole life. They went out and partied together and bonded together over the two weeks. Now he has friends from Australia and all over the world. Everything sounded like so much fun.

We talked on and on and on. He told me about the magic tricks he performed that impressed the whole group. He told me about how awkward it was at the beginning before everyone met. And he told me about the epic finale in Vegas where some crazy stuff went down. It sounded like he had the time of his life. And I was completely glad for him. I know I’ll have good times in life but probably nothing as wild as that. I’m too laid back. All in all I admire his adventurous spirit and ability to connect with anyone. That’s something I secretly envy. I’m nothing like that. And it’s crazy to think of how similar but different we are at times. It’s the craziest cool dynamic.

I know your adventurous spirit will bring you to the four corners of the world and leave you with much to share, bro!

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