Who would you like to please the most?

We all live for the moments of pure joy and satisfaction. Life won’t be full of these moments. They’ll be few and far between forcing us to work for it. But when we do reach a moment of joy it can be so euphoric. The feeling of buying your own car or house for the first time brings pure satisfaction. The feeling of a successful proposal with someone you truly love brings pure joy. And the feeling of pleasing someone that you’ve wanted to please the most brings pure joy and satisfaction. It’s one thing to please yourself and be content with your own performance. We should all be our own biggest fans, so that’s expected. But when we make someone we care about pleased, it’s a whole different feeling.

It’s a one of kind special feeling when you create that contentment with someone who’s opinion you value. If it were a random stranger, we wouldn’t think twice about their thoughts and opinions. We don’t have a personal connection. But you know who the people are in your life that you respect and admire. Those people that have a piece of our heart, motivate us to do our best and hardest work. It can be hard to stay focused in a tough, distracting, and unfair world. But if you have someone you truly want to please, you can often push through the toughest of challenges. You just have to keep that person and goal front of mind through the top times. The question is who would you like to please the most?

Here’s a short story on who I would like to please the most?

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in elementary school and excited for my math class today. We were learning all kinds of cool things in math but we were supposed to move on to a new concept. So I sat in my class being very quiet when my language arts teacher was explaining descriptive writing. I thought it was interesting but it sounded so subjective. Who was to say my writing wasn’t descriptive enough. I was slightly annoyed that there wasn’t a concrete formula to being an amazing writer. I always knew writing wasn’t my cup of tea. Then my language arts teacher left while all my peers starting talking and throwing things. Elementary school was pretty hectic when I was younger.

Then my math teacher walked in to the classroom quietly and confidently. She went straight to her desk and dropped her things without saying a word to anyone. I was scared. She was always nice and outgoing with our class. Then she looked up and said she was disappointed in us. It felt like she was staring directly in my nine year old soul. The whole class was loud and unruly last week when we had a substitute teacher. We weren’t able to get through any worksheets and the substitute teacher got fed up. Then our math teacher said she was going to teach us a lesson today. Instead of learning a fun new concept in math, we were going to have a pop quiz.

I was being high class Tim because I wasn’t unruly last week. I was always pretty quiet and to myself. I could be loud and unruly if I wanted to. But I definitely didn’t complete the worksheets we were handed out last week. Nobody was doing them so I thought they weren’t going to mean anything. The teacher handed me my quiz and I made one quick browse through of each page. It was surely everything from the worksheets we were supposed to do with the substitute. I didn’t know the exact answer to any of the questions. I started sweating because I’ve always aced my math class tests and quizzes. I didn’t want to finally fail one today. It would break my heart.

So I started thinking really hard on some of the questions. I was putting all my math abilities to use trying to figure out each and every question. And I started figuring some of them out. With each question I answered, the test got easier and easier. I was figuring it all out. I knew I was a child genius. There was nothing I couldn’t learn in math. By the second page I was completely confident that I had this quiz in the bag. But as I turned to the very last quiz page, the bell rang and the teacher told us to put our pencils down. I quickly glanced through the last page of math questions. I randomly selected answers for each of the last questions and Christmas tree’d everything else. Then my friend’s hand came hovering out of nowhere waiting to pass my quiz up to the front.

I left school that day not thinking too much of the quiz. It was a little hard with no heads up like that. But I felt that I figured it all out and did good math. My peers were saying they failed it. Most of them said they couldn’t get past the first page and were completely lost. I started laughing because it was some of those same kids that were playing paper football in front of the substitute teacher last week. Karma had a weird way of working for even elementary school kids. The next day when the math teacher skipped into the classroom, all I could think of was the pop quiz. She got straight to the point and said that a lot of us failed the quiz. She walked up to my table and put my quiz face down on the table. I flipped it over and it read 89. I was shocked and upset.

For the rest of the day, I was beating myself up. I made a “B” on what should of been an easy pop quiz. I went home and walked straight to my mom who was in the kitchen. I started crying and told her I messed up. I gave her the quiz with the results. I was crying and trying to explain to her that I would do better next time. She just started smiling and consoling me with a hug. She told me she’s the only kid she knows that cries for a B+ pop quiz. That day is a testament to two things. One is that I’m the person I want to please the most. I’m my own biggest critic. I know what I’m truly capable of and where I can be better. At the same time I’m my biggest fan. Two is that if there was someone other than me that I want to please, it’s my mom.

My mom has always believed I was special and will be great. And I just want to show her that that’s true. Love you Mom!

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