Who or what is the greatest enemy of mankind?

The world is not all sunshine and rainbows. There’s a lot of gray clouds and thunderstorms as well. We’re bound to experience many different challenges in the span of our lives. You could be born into the family of a billionaire by pure chance. Your life will be very different from the average person you meet on the road. But your life will still be very far from perfect. There will be a different set of challenges from the people that live an average life. And of course, the people who are subject to the poorest of poor living conditions, are overwhelmed with more challenges than they can handle. The struggles that we experience in life aren’t all random though. Sometimes we make bad decisions and that results in a bad consequence later on in life. But that’s not always the case.

Sometimes the challenges and struggles we face are simply the work of our enemies. Every good story has a hero and enemy. We are the heroes of our own stories. And our lives are no different than the stories we watch and read about. We all have enemies in our lives that are constantly working against us. The hero is bound to encounter their enemies and destined to overcome them. That is the plot of every good movie and the best stories from real life. We all have enemies that we can overcome but we can’t beat them if we don’t first identify them. And many enemies are not our own enemies but enemies of many. Mankind as a whole has enemies that drag us down to our lowest points. We as a race can be better if we find and challenge those enemies as well. But many of us have different views on who or what the main enemies of mankind are. So tell me, who or what is the greatest enemy of mankind?

Here’s my thoughts on who or what is the greatest enemy of mankind.

Mankind has a lot of different enemies. There’s so many different people that want to see the world crumble into pieces. Some people have gotten close to making that a reality in the past. But there’s also some things that negatively impact the state of the world. There are obvious things like global warming that can literally destroy planet Earth within a few years. That’s something many people can’t even wrap their minds around. The world being render useless and we lose the one place that has forever been our home. But there’s some things that seem like a good initiative that is really a bad one. Things like money and currency seem like a positive attribute to mankind. It has done a lot for economic growth and productivity, I’m sure. But at the same time, the sheer amount of injustice produced because of money is ridiculous.

All that said, there’s only one true all powerful enemy of mankind. That enemy is the only enemy that has all the knowledge and resources to permanently destroy mankind. That enemy is mankind itself. We are our own greatest enemies. It sounds like a stretch but it’s pretty understandable if you think about it. The same way an individual can be their own greatest enemy is the same way mankind can be the holder of it’s own destiny. The decisions we make today will affect us in the future. It could be a day from now or a decade from now but we have been in control of a lot of our destiny up until this point. We, mankind can choose to better ourselves and make progress each day. Or we can choose to be stagnant and get comfortable. These choices have big consequences that we may never realize hurt us until it comes back to haunt us.

Think about the whole global warming situation. There was no outside force that decided to ruin the Earth’s atmosphere. We as a race decided that we wanted to harness the power of fossil fuels. We decided that we needed to create fuels for all the many impressive things we wanted to build. We needed to fuel the cars, and the airplanes, and the trains. We knew that those fuels came at a cost. But we decided that the end justified the means. We needed the world to live a life of luxury, convenient travel to and from anywhere we wanted. Every year we needed to create more and power even more. That was the lifestyle choice mankind chose to embrace. And while it wasn’t all of our ideas to create these things, we all participated in it in some way. So decades later when atmosphere is becoming non-functional well, that enemy is one of our own creation.

The same thing goes for things like weapons. We humans picked up a stick, sharpened a stone, and lassoed them together. We needed to protect ourselves from the many beasts of the land. Except somewhere along the line, we were no longer protecting ourselves but rather terrorizing others. We didn’t need protection from the beasts because we became the beasts. Years and years later, we went from sticks and stones to bullets and gun powder. And the enemies were no longer the animals of the jungle but rather our very own kind. We created our own jungle. And all that seems fine and dandy when you need to protect your family, country, and even species. But when that goes from sticks to nuclear weapons that kills hundreds of thousands in the blink of an eye, things have gone too far. Now the mass extinction of mankind just might be a man-made weapon.

We live in a world where there a lot of odds against us. Aliens could fly in and take over everything. A huge asteriod could collide with Earth and turn everything into dust. A resilient and deadly virus could develop and wipe us off the face of Earth in a month or two. But regardless of all those things, our most formidable enemy is simply ourselves. It seems more likely that we will cause more harm to ourselves than any other being or thing could imagine to do. And a lot of the negative comes from the insecurities that mankind has. Don’t go building nuclear weapons because you feel inferior to other nations or threatened. Inequality is an even bigger source of the problems we create for ourselves. Don’t aspire to be better than everyone else. That requires you to push others down and hurt them. Aspire to be the best version of yourself.

Mankind is a very immature species in the grand scheme of things. We have many things to learn in this world. We have already caused immense harm to ourselves in the past. And even today we are making decisions that will haunt us tomorrow. But the same way that we can cause our own downfall is the same way that we can create our own uplifting. We need less insecurity of ourselves and more confidence in the world. We need less competition against ourselves and more collaboration with the world. And we need to promote balance above everything else. Our greatest enemy of all time is ourselves. Mankind has always been self-destructive by nature. But we don’t have to be that way forever. We have the potential to create so much good for the world. We just have to be committed to that potential.

Will mankind be our downfall? I hope not. But I know I will do my best to be mankind’s hero not enemy.

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