Who or what do you think of when you think of love?

We’re all searching for true love. When we’re going through tough times, love pushes us through. When we’re not motivated, love inspires to reach for more. Love is a god send and sometimes the string that holds us all together.

But sometimes we take love for granted. We think love is irrelevant until we’re on our time. We think love is shallow and built over a few nights. We think love is conditional and embodied through a checklist. It’s a huge oversight to take the people and things we love for granted. So who or what do you think of when you think of love?

Here’s what I think of and my thoughts on it.

Love is just a powerful array of things not seen but felt. And there’s a million and one types of love. There’s friendly love. In which case, I think of Dwayne and how unconditional his friendship and dedication is. The friends that are there when you need them. The friends that are always understanding before anything else. Friends like Dwayne or even Enkose.

There’s familial love. A powerful and important bonding that we all deserve to feel. In which case, I think of my mom and grandma. They’re true problem solvers and pure energy of motivation and true guidance. The family members that know your struggle from the inside out. The family members that wish best of the world for you. Family members like my cousins, siblings, aunts, and parents.

There’s significant other love. A love that is one of a kind and the epitome of life changing. In which case, I think of DeAsia and how caring and passionately she is when pouring out her heart. The love interest that takes the time to learn who you are inside and out. The love interest that takes your soul and binds it to theirs for the better.

These are just a few of the many types of love out there. It’s easy to see why love is so powerful and all encompassing. It starts and ends everywhere we look. It is interwoven into our lives on the deepest of levels. And love is one of few ways to brighten the darkest of shadows. That’s why there’s so many thoughts that come up when thinking of love.

But if there had to be one main thing. It would be myself. When I think of love, I know that self love is the most essential of them all. When we don’t take the time to love ourselves for who we are, we find ourselves hating who we fake to be. And that’s sad. So many people have enormous amounts of love around them. But when it’s all set and done, the only love that will make a difference is self love.

So I think of myself. I think of my actions, my thoughts, and my feelings. I think of how I view myself. I think of where I’ve been in life. And I think of where I wish to go. I know that when all else fails, the only person guaranteed to be crying, laughing, sleeping, eating, arguing, living, and dying there with you… is yourself. And that is where all true love starts… on the inside.

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