Who makes you feel good about yourself?

Everyone likes a well placed compliment. It feels good to be acknowledged for something positive. As humans we have so many different flaws and shortcomings. We can often be our own biggest critic. I mean nobody knows the details of our life better than we do. It’s so easy to criticize yourself for not having an eight figure body. It’s so easy to criticize yourself for not having an eight figure bank account. No matter how many times we’ve put ourselves down there’s always something else to attack. So when we get a compliment, it feels good to see the bright side.

We all have pros just as much as our cons. There are beautiful parts in all of us some way. We’re just not always the best at taking note of our positives. And it feels better hearing praise from someone else. Self-love will always be the foundation. But we all love to be loved. We just have to find those people who see true beauty in us. Sometimes it’s a stranger at a coffee shop. Other times it’s a friend we’ve known for years. Either way, always remember the people that make you feel good and keep them close. They can be a catalyst to change your attitude and outlook on life. So who makes you feel good about yourself?

Here’s a short story on who makes me feel good about myself.

I opened the door and then quickly ran back into bed. My mom walked in the room and said it was time to wake up. I pulled the cover over my head and tried to play dead. She said calmly, “I’m not going to raise my voice, Tim. You’re a grown man. Either you want to open this account or not.” I reluctantly pulled the covers down and said I’d be down in five minutes. It was ten in the morning for goodness sake. The whole world was up getting work done and I was just trying to sleep in. But I knew I had to get this bank account. I couldn’t keep growing my businesses and side hustles using strictly cash. Society runs on credit cards and online transactions. After over three years being cardless, I now had to get with the program.

I jumped out of bed and checked my phone. We were already pretty late because I didn’t wake up an hour ago. I wanted to take a shower and get completely ready. I didn’t want the bank thinking I was some homeless kid sleeping behind their dumpsters. I guess that was a risk I was going to have to take. I brushed my teeth and quickly wet my face. I threw on a basic tee-shirt and grabbed a hoodie on my way out the door. I drove my car behind my mom and followed her straight to the branch building. It was up the street and it was going to be a quick process so I didn’t mind looking like a bum. When I walked into the branch, it was packed from wall to wall. Turns out there was a community farmers market happening across the street.

Everyone immediately looked at my like I walked into some important confidential meeting and the only way out was getting my entire memory wiped. I just grinned because it was just my luck. I signed in and sat down in the corner where nobody would notice me. My mom on the other hand was dressed business casual and fit in immediately. She walked in and instantly started attracting attention to herself. A lady escorted us into her office and started showing me the options for bank accounts. I looked through the different options trying to seem knowledgeable. It was the least I could do to offset my appearance. But then my mom started making small talk.

She told the lady that I actually had a business account with another bank but never had my own personal account. The lady smiled in a shocked way. Then my mom started subtly explaining how smart and ambitious I was. She even mentioned how I didn’t expect to have to come in the bank to create the account. The lady seemed to get more and more comfortable. She complimented my hair and said her son had a similar hair color. Then we all connected talking about Jamaica and how her son was currently out there working. It was nice to have a casual conversation about interesting subjects. Then I had to go over to another teller to make a deposit for my account.

It took me about ten minutes to get everything done at the teller’s counter. I walked back over to the bank lady’s desk and she was smiling at me. I smiled back. She was actually very attractive and had a great personality. Then she said I’m impressed with you and your business. I knew from those words that my mom had to share something with her. Turns out she explained how I dropped out of college and started my own business that’s been doing well for the last four years. Then my mom told the lady to pull up my company website right there and then. We spent ten minutes going through my website showing the lady what my whole company was all about. She looked more and more impressed as we went on.

By the end of the whole account opening process, the attractive bank lady got an entire overview of who I was as a person. I went from random kid to ambitious young adult with a head on his shoulders. And of course I wasn’t feeling conscious and nervous at all anymore. I was walking around like I owned the bank by the end of it. And even on our way out, my mom told her about these daily posts I write. The lady was so intrigued, impressed, and attracted to me that she gave me her number. I was flattered. My mom is one of few people that always have my back. She always boosts me up and makes me feel great about myself. She’s the ultimate wingman because she understands me and what makes me tick.

Thanks for always being my number supporter Mom! I love you a million and one.

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