Who is the strongest person you know?

We’re all born as young, feeble babies. And we’re just tiny little balls of cuteness in the face of big strong forces. But as we grow older we develop our confidence and strength. We learn to defend ourselves from threats. We develop the ability to attack our enemies. And we persist through trials and tribulations. We gain a large amount of physical and mental strength.

But that’s pretty much everyone in the world. There are some people that get a little more physically strong than others. Then of course there are those who are mentally stronger than the average person. And some people are just strong in general. We have many strong people around us that inspire us to become stronger ourselves. And it’s great learning from those friends. But who is truly the strongest person you know?

Here’s the strongest person I know and my thoughts on it.

I have so many strong people around me. I don’t know if it’s easy for me to see the strength others have or if I just attract strong minded people. Maybe it’s a little bit of both. I believe in everybody including the people who doubt their own abilities. And I personally like to surround myself with people that have strength to inspire me and others around them. So it’s no surprise that almost all my friends and family are some of the strongest people I know.

My bestfriends Dwayne and Enkose are so strong when it comes to embarking on journeys. They always go for their dreams and believe in themselves. My girl DeAsia is super strong in her ability to care and support others in their deepest times of need. My brother is strong physically from basketball and skateboarding. But he’s also strong when it comes to creating his own path in life and embracing who he is. My sister Kelcey is strong when it comes to being herself and supporting friends. My sister Kacey is strong with her sense to travel on hard journeys but having the faith to keep pushing.

I love the people I’m close to. I love the strength my friends have. I love seeing my family grow stronger. My grandma is so strong in her dedication to raising the youth in our family and following the word of God. Maybe the strongest person I know got a lot of their strength from her because the strongest person I know is my Mom. She is a legend in her own rights when it comes to the strength she displays. And I know I’m not alone in that belief.

My mom is a powerhouse of a mom, a leader in her career, and a beauty of a woman. I’m so inspired by the strength I’ve seen from my mom throughout my life. She has done things that I’ve never thought possible. And everyday she blows my mind more and more. It’s amazing seeing her work and knock down any obstacle put in front of her. I know majority of my strength has come simply from the osmosis of being in the presence of her own.

She is a dedicated learner in her studies. She has been the top of her class from early grade school days in Jamaica. She was awarded as one of the smartest in her classes and eventually earned many opportunities including studying out in America. She was also someone who always pushed herself to unseen limits. She manages to stay in school working on new degrees while working full time and raising her family. She has worked hard for all the luxuries she has.

And she works harder to maintain those luxuries everyday. She is quick to pick up a broom, a cellphone, or pen and paper to get work done. She’s always there for her four kids. And she’s even been foundational in supporting many of our extended family around the country. Her love, support, and work extends all the way to Jamaica. I’m truly mesmerized by her strength and will power. I don’t know where she gets the energy from but I can only wish to have a fraction of the strength of heart.

I love you Mom.

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