Who impresses you?

It seems like everybody’s looking up to celebrities these days. Every young boy wants to be the next Kobe Bryant. And every young girl wants to be the next Beyonce. Celebrities are these amazing human beings that have accomplished impressive feats often against great odds. It’s easy to see people worldwide fame or financial success and idolize it. We’re impressed by it. And we aspire to accomplish similar things with our life. But many times we give celebrities our instant admiration and praise their every move. We should take the time to really assess the lives our favorite celebs live and how impressive they really are.

Majority of people don’t give that same admiration to the everyday people in their lives. The millions of everyday superheroes that accomplish greatness against immense odds are awesome. The firefighters, police workers, or non-profit volunteers go to work without expecting anything in return. There’s many everyday heroes that we never acknowledge and it’s sad. We should admire the humble and hard workers that change the world under the radar. You can still look up to your celeb role models but admire the impressive people we take for granted as well. And you can only do that by first acknowledging who those impressive everyday people are. So who impresses you?

Here’s a short story on who impresses me.

I was nervous walking out my room. I was finally in college in and had all the autonomy in the world. Except there was no uniform or parents telling me what to do and where to go. I decided to go this freshman social event that Kennesaw State was hosting for welcome week. I had no idea what to expect but I was unsure about the outfit I chose. It was a plain navy blue collared shirt and blue jeans. I should of wore something with a little more personality. Oh well, I had to run with it. If I went back to change I would be late to the event but then again nobody shows up places early. I was clearly overthinking everything.

I walked into the pool hall and it was transformed into a stylish club like environment. There was pizza and drinks on the pool table for everyone. The tiny space was so crowded with freshmans that it was almost impossible to get to the food. I didn’t want to stuff my face with free food anyway. I showed up to get to know some knew people. Maybe I could make a friend or two. I walked around once and saw a few interesting people. But everyone seemed to be grouped up with their friends already. I just smiled and walked in loop after loop trying to be social. Then after a good thirty minutes of looking like a lost puppy, I decided to call it quits. This just wasn’t my scene.

As I left the building there was an interesting looking girl walking up that caught my eye. I stopped her and introduced myself. She had a great smile and was radiating with positive energy. We chatted a little about KSU and what we were studying in school. As the conversation was getting good, I realized something super strange. She looked so familiar to me. She said I looked familiar to her as well. Then she told me her name was Jessica and it instantly hit me. I was so surprised and happy to see Jessica Stewart after many years. We were friends a long time ago and went to the same church for years. We laughed our butts off and spent ten minutes catching up on life.

I left that engagement feeling great and happy that I forced myself to get up and go that stupid event. Then later in the school year, Dwayne and I started our company, Sparketh, that teaches kids and teens how to create art. We recorded all the courses ourselves late at night on campus. One night as we were recording we ran into Jessica who was doing rounds around the dorm halls. She told us she was actually a resident assistant and had to help all the freshman students. It was pretty late and she was just now making her way to her own dorm to get some shut eye. Then another late night she stopped by again. This time she stayed and told us about all the important exams she was studying for coming up.

Then another time she decided to actually help us record the courses. She helped us set up the cameras and manage the different camera angles. We were super grateful and told her if she ever needed help with anything to let her know. The next time we saw her she asked for help learning film and video. I told her some tips and tricks including what software I would use to create videos. She said she wanted to get into film and video more but she was busy with student council meetings at the time. She had recently been elected to the student body for our university. I was so impressed that she was juggling all these things at the same time.

Then the list of talents, ventures, and accomplishments continued to grow. She was an amazing dancer and often practiced two or three times a week. She practiced with her camera and film hobby. A year or two after dropping out I ran into her at popular event in the city for top Atlanta creatives. She was working there with the local governments film department. I’ve seen some of her recent videos and the quality is amazing to say the least. She always positive, energetic and personal when she interacts with other people. Jessica has always been someone that I looked up to as far as how productive and professional she is. She’s talented, imaginative, disciplined, ambitious and beautiful. I’m impressed with the way she carries herself and how much of a hard worker she is.

I can’t wait to see all that you accomplish one day, Jessica! Love ya.

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