Who do you think stands between you and happiness?

Success is the goal we’re all aiming for. But nowadays, happiness is the new success. We’re not all reaching for ten million dollars in our bank account. We’re not all trying to buy a mansion out in California Beverly Hills. We’ve wisened up.

Some people want to be rich. Some people don’t mind just being comfortable. But we’re all trying to be happy. There are roadblocks like any major goal though. The money doesn’t buy the happiness. So we really have to focus on ourselves and our surroundings to find happiness. There are many people and things that can hold us back from it.

The real question is who most do we think is holding us back from happiness. Here’s my thoughts and who I think is inbetween me and being happy.

There’s only one person that could ever stand inbetween me and being happy. My parents can want me to live a certain way, but they can’t stop my happiness. My friends can laugh at me or even peer pressure me. But they can’t stop my happiness. The government can come after me and even throw me in prison. But they also can’t stop my happiness.

The only person that can ever prohibit my happiness is myself. My happiness is a reflection of my life. I am in control of my life. And I am responsible for the things I do in my life and how much happiness it gives me. It’s nobody else’s responsibility except my own. So it only makes sense that others have no say in my overall happiness.

But there’s an even bigger reason I don’t believe others stand between me and my happiness. It’s because I believe that happiness is a mindset. Everyone won’t have the same quality of life. There’s upper class living. And there’s much worse quality of life. People in all qualities, societies, and levels can find happiness.

There are people in all these different scenarios that are happy as I write this. They aren’t happy because their lives are perfect. Remember nothing’s ever completely perfect. But rather they are happy because their minds are trained to be happy and grateful regardless of the situation around them.

Granted, our surroundings can have a major impact on our happiness. But I believe that people can be happy in almost any situation if they train their mind to. So I think my lack of happiness comes from a lack of gratefulness and discipline. I need to be more positive and thoughtful of the things I should be happy for.

It’s a glass half full type of world. That’s the only way to happiness on a consistent level. Happiness dependent on the things around us will always be unstable and toxic in ways. So I look deep within myself to find happiness more often in any situation.

And honestly, I’ve been very happy. So nobody’s standing in between my happiness right now. I’m happy. Because I look around and see reasons to be happy on a daily basis.

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