Who do you think of first when you think of ‘success?’

Success is the dream we’re all trying to bring to life. It doesn’t matter what we’re working on, we all hope to be successful in our ventures. This could be in business, real estate, creative arts, or even just raising a family. Failure is a valuable learning tool for people, but we’re much more interested in the satisfaction of success. And we go through very long lengths to find it.

But one thing many people learn on their journey to success, is that you usually can’t do it alone. The most successful people on earth are usually surrounded by a team of people supporting them. This could be employess, mentors, coaches, or even a spouse. So we should learn to think of people when we think of success and how we can cultivate in our life. So ask yourself, “Who do you think of first when you think of success?”

Here’s my thoughts on who I think of first when I think of success.

The first person that comes to mind when I think of success is Dwayne. That is one of my closest friends. We’ve known each other since childhood and have always had some of the same interests in life. He’s one of my most favorite people in the world and I’ll probably always think of him when I think of success. It’s not something I put too much thought into. Naturally, he was just the first person to pop into my mind when I thought of success.

I think it’s a fair thought to have though. He’s someone I know very well because of the sheer amount of time I’ve spent with him. We’ve ventured into so many different things together. We’ve got so many memories and crazy experiences together. So I’ve come to think of him as a brother rather than a friend. And I know there’s many reasons that he came to my mind. Some of them are more reasonable than others but overall I agree with the subconscious connection of him with success.

One reason is because we’ve gotten into so many business ventures together. We started a clothing line together when we were pretty young. We worked a cool app idea while in college together. And there’s a handful of other ventures we worked on together. So we’ve always been striving for the coveted success together . This could of been anything from business, to school, to meeting girls. We’ve journeyed for success together many times.

Another reason is because he’s a very talented and creative individual. From all the things I know about him he’s very good at arts and design. I’ve seen him create amazing design work for some top notch clients. He always blows people away with his work ethic and commitment to learn new things. So I would say he’s bound to be successful in life. And I would bet my own success on it.

The next reason Dwayne popped in my mind when I thought of success is simply because of the company we work on together. We’ve actually been working on Sparketh, our first real startup, together for the last few years. We’ve found a little bit of traction and success over those years. We’ve worked hard for it but it is one of the few areas of life I have experienced success in. So when I think of some my success he’s naturally associated.

On the same I note I think of him when I think of success because I know I’ll be successful one day. And when I think of my success, I think of his success. I don’t see myself being successful without him being wildly successful right along with me. Even if it’s not the business we’re currently working on, I know my success equals Dwayne’s success. And that’s the reality even if I have to drag him up with me.

So I know Dwayne will be successful. I know I will be successful. And we’ve both had a little success in life already. It’s just the beginning. But I know it wasn’t a coincidence that he was the first name to pop in my mind when I thought of success. It makes sense. It’s always been our dream and one day will be our reality. But life comes with ups and downs so as quickly as his name popped up for success, the same would happen for the word failure.

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