Who do you dream about?

Everyone goes to sleep and dreams about something at night. Dreams are our window into a world full of possibilities. We live in a very concrete world with concrete rules and laws. There’s a lot of restrictions in our day to day lives. But when we close our eyes and dreams, there’s nothing we can’t do.

That being said, it’s a blessing just being able to dream in and out. With the opportunity, we all take the time to dream about all kinds of things. Some people dream about business and success. Other people dream about traveling the world and having new experiences. And some people dream about raising a family. But the people we dream about is the most fascinating. Who do you dream about?

Here’s who I dream about and my thoughts on it.

My mind loves to wander and think deeply about random subjects. I’m always in deep thought about someone or something. There’s no way to stop my mind from thinking. It’s always working and usually working twice as hard as normal. This is all just a part of being Tim.

So I find myself daydreaming sometimes about the most random of things. I daydream about designing clothes and running the hottest new clothing brand. I day dream about the newest artist that’s trending on social media and how they went viral. I day dream about any and everything that could be of interest to me.

When it comes to actual dreaming, I usually dream about the things I was thinking of last. So if I’m reading a book on cooking, my dream might be me trying to cook a Paleo meal for the first time. I could be wildly talented at it in my dream, or I could be absolutely trash at cooking. It really depends on my last state of mind.

That being said, I don’t dream of other people often. The question is simple but from the outside looking in it’s a loaded question. I’ve dreamt about people before but it doesn’t mean I’m in love or obsessed with them. And I know regardless of what I say, people will always correlate dreaming of someone to being madly in love with them.

Nonetheless, the people I dream about at times is DeAsia, Dwayne, Enkose, Cheryl, Mama and a handful of other close friends and family. I also tend to dream of girls that I’ve recently met and am intrigued by. I’m not obsessed but rather intrigued. And there’s a handful of girls that I’ve dreamt of but I won’t list their specific names.

I’ve dreamt of a lot of people. It’s never on a consistent basis. My mind is always running around wildly with no specific direction. So when I dream of someone, they have piqued my interest in some way. But there’s no one person I dream of. Rather I’d say, I dream of people who I’m close to or that I’m interested in getting to know better. That’s it. Now you tell me. Who do you dream of?

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