Who depends on you?

We’re all born in this world alone. Yes we’re surrounded by parents and family that love us but we’re still brought into the world as individuals. We don’t have anything given to us on a silver platter. Naturally, we have to figure out how the world works all on our own. And there are lots of people that have to actually learn things alone and the hard way. It’s not easy being alone in a world that will break you down. But when we push through life on our own it shows our heart and willpower. We develop character when we’re forced to grow and evolve over time. It’s all a part of the process of becoming the best version of ourselves.

But at the same time, it’s almost impossible to do get through life successfully all on our own. We may think we’re alone throughout life but in this day and age we’re all depending on someone. We depend on others to support us, motivate us, heal us, teach us, and so much more. Many times we don’t realize how much we depend on others. But on the same note, it’s hard to acknowledge that others are depending us. We add value support, motivation, care, and knowledge to others lives. Somebody is doing better off in life because you were there to support them. We have to stay strong so we can be there for those that depend on us. You just have to remember the people depending on you when times get hard. So who depends on you?

Here’s a short story on who depends on me.

When I walked out the shower I started getting a little nervous. There was a million and one things to do and I was slightly overwhelmed. It didn’t help that I always forgot things when I was nervous. I brushed my teeth and put on my undershirt and pants. I looked over at DeAsia and she seemed calm as a cucumber. She was putting lotion on and started asking me if I liked her new hairstyle. I told her it looked great while I went ahead and put my dress shirt on. I looked at the clock and we had ten minutes to leave the house. I told her and we both started panicking. I rushed trying to get my bowtie on without breaking out in a sweat.

Fifteen minutes later we were both ready to go. I grabbed my wallet and phone as we walked out the door. We were driving to the event and I realized that I left all my business cards. It was almost guaranteed that I would leave something. But I should of know it was going to be one of the most important things I needed for the event. I loved networking and meeting people at high level events like this. Now I was forced not to network because I didn’t have my card to hand out. DeAsia said it wasn’t a big deal. She wanted me to focus on the goal of raising money for Make-A-Wish and not on business opportunities. I calmed down and drove straight to the city.

When we arrived at the hotel, we both started getting giddy. It was a big event with so many high-profile guests. But it was more important to us because it was a one of kind date. It was our first formal gala event that we were attending together. We both fantasized about going to homecoming together back in highschool but we met each other literally in the last week of highschool. This ball was special because it was the prom date we never had together. So we took some time to take some photos outside the hotel. We were just evjoying each others company and the excitement of dressing up to the nines. It was a great experience alltogether.

Then we went inside and were greeted by the friendly Make-A-Wish team. Sarrah and Amy were so nice and made us both feel at home. I loved catching up with them and hearing about all the great things they were working on. They explained to us the layout of the event. We were going to be mingling with important business executives and top level donors for the first hour. After that we would go inside and sit down at dinner to enjoy the main event. We would eat a three course dinner with other important guests that were attending. They would auction off some expensive art and luxury experiences to raise more money. After all the main things were set and done there would be an after party where everyone could dance and have fun.

We were all caught up with the event. When it was time to mingle DeAsia felt really uncomfortable meeting so many top business profressionals. It was hard to get used to talking about business, money, and financial news. So we just didn’t mingle with anyone really. At dinner we had a little small talk with the guests at our table. But we were mostly quiet so we could pay attention to the heartfelt presentations on the stage. Eventually, I was so hellbent on networking that I made an excuse to go the restroom. In the restroom I made convo with a couple guys that were owners of popular Atlanta businesses. I couldn’t give them a business card so it was just a short convo that was slightly awkward happening in the bathroom.

Instead I walked the halls outside the ballroom meeting people that were also taking a break. There were some interesting people walking about. Then I met a guy that was a top executive at one of the leading brands in the baking industry. DeAsia was super passionate about the baking world. She would bake almost every other weekend trying to improve her skills. I told him about DeAsia’s deep passion for all things dessert and baking. He was impressed with the images and videos I showed him of her work. He told me about a unique opportunity he had for her to work at their headquarters in Atlanta. It was an exclusive paid internship working face to face with the top names in baking from around the world.

I followed up with him over the next few weeks and they accepted DeAsia as one of four people to join the internship. She was ecstatic later on when she realized she would be learning all about baking with such talented pros. Later that summer she did the internship and learned some amazing things that people would pay four years tuition for. She also made lifelong friends that she is still close with to this day. The point of the matter is. My friends and family depend on me even though they don’t know it. There are so many talented people around me that just need the right opportunities. I’m working hard to create leverage that can help me find those opportunities. I want everyone around me to be great. They depend on me to show them that they can be great.

And I’ll continue to work hard because I know one day they will be great. Thanks for the opportunity Stephen, I know DeAsia will forever be grateful!

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