Which activities make you lose track of time?

Human life today is very much dependent on time. We have been standardizing time from centuries ago with tools like the sundial. Society now could never function without time governing each and every move we make. Our lives are laid out on a schedule and chained to it no matter what. Time itself is the center of our universe more so than the sun.

So when we engage in activities that make us lose track of time, it’s a thing a beauty. Some activities magnetize all of our attention at a time. We put all other thoughts and concerns on the backburner. And we get engulfed in something, usually, that we truly enjoy.

Which activities cause this to happen? It’s different for everyone, but here are mine.

Video games

Playing games like call of duty or fortnite require immense focus to succeed. Every decision, reaction, and thought can make or break the outcome. And it’s no fun when you lose. So putting it all on the line with a handful of virtual friends is action-packed and exciting. I can play for hours to escape from the real world.


Imagine having an expansive library with all the world’s books sitting right in your backyard. Well that’s what it’s like to browse youtube, except the books are videos and it’s all streamed on a device. There’s so much knowledge, entertainment, news, music, and more on there. I can go for hours learning new skills and topics on the worlds most comprehensive knowledgebase!


Reading is such a mindful activity. When you’re thrown into the universe of J.K. Rowling you have no time to be focused on time. When you’re learning secrets of business directly from millionaire, and billionaire business legends, you aren’t checking your apple watch. I love to read. I love to learn. Time is nonexistent in the face of a good book.


Most people love running and while I haven’t really tried it, I could never give up walking. Walking is a pace where you can truly appreciate life. I like to walk late at night and look up at the stars in the universe and think. Walking to walk is something that always leaves me lost on time.


It may sound dumb because we’re always thinking in some fashion. But active thinking, is much more different than passive thinking. When you take time to be mindful and actively think about things that make you happy, it’s an awesome experience. As long as you’re thinking on your terms, about whatever you like, thinking is a pleasurable experience.

Those are activities I love to do. And when I need a getaway from the never ending treadmill of time, I find myself jumping to one of these. Now what time is it?

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