Where or who do you turn to when you need good advice?

There is no one person that knows it all. No matter how many times your classmates call you a know it all, the fact is you simply could never know it all. Next time remind them that literally nobody on Earth knows it all. Although, that would only stand to strengthen their argument. The point is even the Einsteins of the world are often plagued with more questions than answers. And just because you know the answer to something doesn’t mean you can always execute it. That’s why we as humans rely on other people and things. When we’re stuck with a problem that we can’t answer it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. It simply means you haven’t found the best answer yet. And often the best answers in our life come in the form of good advice.

We all need good advice every now and then. When you’ve been through a turbulent relationship and you don’t know if you should leave, you seek out good advice. When you want to get better at Calculus but you’re struggling to study well, you seek out good advice. When you’re feeling like the world is coming to an end and you’ve lost yourself, you seek out good advice. There is no perfect specimen with all the right answers. We must learn from not only ourselves but from all the valuable resources life has given us. That is how we better ourselves and find the best answers to the toughest problems. But we all find good advice in different places. It depends on your personality, your upbringing, your problems, and many other things. You should try to remember where you find your best advice. So where or who do you turn to when you need good advice?

Here’s a short story on where or who I turn to when I need good advice.

When it comes to problem solving I consider myself to be really good at it. I’m naturally someone who likes to find solutions to problems. It’s just the way my brain works. When I hear a problem, I immediately start thinking of all the possible ways to bypass it. Even if a problem isn’t directly expressed to me, I go searching for problems in the everyday world. If I see that Chick-fil-A fast food restaurants have really long drive-thru lines, I will start brainstorming all the possible solutions. That doesn’t mean Chick-fil-A is paying me a consulting fee to speed up their drive-thru. But if they ever did decide to hire me, I would have a lot of great ideas sitting in the bank. And for that reason, I think I’m a great resource for friends and family that need advice. I’m great at objectively analyzing their situation and giving them realistic solutions.

And that same treatment extends to me. I’m the first one to give myself advice on a big important problem. I will take the time to think out my problems to myself in solitude. I usually go for a walk in the middle of the night where it’s just me and my thoughts. That’s when I come up with some of my best ideas. And it’s very rare that I don’t end up solving all my own problems through this process. Contrary to popular belief, we can often give ourselves our very own good advice at times. Many of us just don’t take the time to ask for own advice. We’re much more adaptive and smart than we might want to admit. And I think with unlimited time the human brain could solve almost any problem. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look outwards for advice as well. Sometimes we just need a fresh perspective from a non-partisan party.

When I have a problem or situation that is really taking a toll on me, I look outwards. The bigger and more important a problem the more I can overthink it at times. And sometimes that just creates more stress which can end up making the problem a hundred times worse. That’s not the way to solve anything. Outside advice can often be exactly what we need. And when I need outside advice that I know will almost always be good, I go to my best friends. These two friends understand me and my values really well. I value their opinions and think that I can trust they want the best for me. Dwayne and Enkose are two people that I often go to for advice on my problems. It doesn’t matter the kind of problem they are always open to hearing it. They are very open-minded to different points of view and helpful in their nature. I love going to them for advice.

The reason their advice is always so good is because of their approach. They don’t just tell you what they immediately think is the right answer. They take the time to really put themselves in the situation. They start from the beginning and engulf themselves in the feelings of the situation. I often disregard feelings and emotions in my advice to myself. I always try to make decisions based off logical analysis. But I’ve learned from Dwayne and Enkose that some times we have to make decisions based on how we feel. And those feelings although they might seem wrong or misguiding to me, have sometimes led me to great decisions. The advice that Dwayne and Enkose give is never general. It’s always in-depth and personal. That is why I often go to them for good advice. I know that the advice I get from Dwayne and Enkose is genuine advice.

Other times I will go to other friends if I feel they might know more about the subject. Like family, health, and emotional subjects are the fortay of DeAsia. She always opens my eyes to a new way of seeing things. My mom is great at all around advice in pretty much every area. I might not always agree with her advice, but I one hundred percent respect and value it. My family like Anton has given me great advice about girls, life, and growth. Of course the rest of my family has helped with any and every problem. And when all else fails my Grandma is my guiding light through any situation. I know that her advice is genuine and good-hearted. She has always had my best interest at the heart of her advice. And sometimes strangers, old friends, and acquaintences have given me really good advice. There’s good advice all over if you look for it.

And how could I forget? My number one fallback for advice is the internet. I’ve learned so many things from the internet as a kid. Not just as a kid. I’ve been learning things from the internet my entire life. I watch so many videos on the stories and experiences of others that I’ve basically lived ten different lives. I’ve read so many blog posts on growth and personal development that I’ve become a self-help guru without ever leaving my bedroom. And I’ve watched so many movies and documentaries teaching more about the world that I’ve pretty much lived in a second virtual world for twenty plus years. The internet is a great place for advice. Of course all that advice isn’t going to be the best advice. But if you know how to pick and choose, some of the smartest most successful people leave their thoughts on the web.

I’m just thankful for the great advice you guys have given over the years Dwayne and Enkose.

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