Where else would you like to live? Why?

They say you will always be a product of your environment. And this is true. It doesn’t mean you are whatever your environment says you are. But rather, your environment will always have some kind of influence on you. Some environments like the beach make us relaxed. Some environments like a dark lonely graveyard makes us sad. And other environments like a luxury condo in the city makes us inspired.

But the environment that will affect us the most is the place we choose to live. When you settle down on one location your influenced by it every single day. We’ve all felt down and sluggish in a dirty cluttered room. And in the same way you feel happy and energized in clean, organized rooms. This is why it’s important to choose a place to live that you will truly thrive in. So where else would you like to live and why?

Here’s my thoughts on where else I’d like to live and why.

If you take a kangaroo from the desert and drop it in the tundra it’ll likely die. If you take a polar bear from the mountains and drop it in the desert it won’t last very long. Those animals have a certain environment with certain conditions that they live and thrive in. Humans work the same way. We’ve inhabited pretty much every type of place on Earth. But we all have certain places that will add to our life and energy. Here’s the story of when I think I first visited one of mine.

This was the longest time I’ve ever been in a car. A week ago I had to idea that I would be on a road trip across the country. But I guess it wasn’t it the first time someone mistaked Washington state for Washington DC. I was just glad I had Dwayne and Enkose making the trip with me. It was only fair being that Dwayne mistakenly had us trekking to the furthest corner of the U.S.

And it wasn’t easy driving for four hours at a time. Then you get a short break. And just like that I’m back on the wheel driving for another four stretch. I was driving with absolutely nothing left in my tank. I was going insane listening to Drake and rumbling through my bag of cool ranch Doritos. As I just started dozing in and out I saw a sign that said welcome to Washington. And something felt completely different.

The sun was coming up over the beautiful distant mountains. I winded down the window and took a deep breath of the fresh crisp air. I felt like life was being resuscitated into my lungs as a smiled and woke up Dwayne and Enkose. They felt the energy in the air too. I loved it. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt anywhere else before. I enjoyed every last minute of the ride from the state line all the way into Seattle.

Then things got even better. We went downtown and experienced the liveliness of the city. The people were so expressive and friendly. We drank some flavorful hot soup and enjoyed the scenery. There was nature and greenery on every corner of every block. It was nothing like the cold hardened streets of Atlanta. We were even more surprised when we shuffled into the Seattle Farmer’s Market. The peaches we are were juicy and crisp all at once.

It was all something out of a fairytale. The weather was humid, cool and just perfect for me. The people were homey, fun and interesting characters. The food was flavorful and always fresh. The entire experience of Seattle down to the air we inhaled was golden. It’s one of the places I believe I would truly thrive in. I hope to live there one day. And I’ve already made my way back to experience it again.

Where do you wish you could live one day?

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