Where do you spend most of your time while you’re awake?

Time is the ultimate equalizer. No matter our associations, backgrounds, or advantages we all get the same amount of time every day. We have to make decisions on how we want to spend that time. Some people will choose to spend it trying to better themselves. Other people will try to spend it enjoying themselves. And others will spend planning, reflecting, or just meditating to be in the present. We all have the same amount of time each day but what we do with that time will determine the output of our lives. If we input productive time we will get progress results. If we input time doing pointless things, we will get pointless results. The main thing that changes the amount of time we each have everyday is how long we’re awake.

The people who spend a lot of time awake are getting a few more hours to live than the people who don’t. The people who sleep in for an extra three hours will be feeling very well rested but that’s three less hours to work with. It’s interesting to see how people take that twenty four hours and use it. You can tell a lot about someone just by auditing the way they spend their time. But you can also tell a lot from where they spend that time. If you’re in the gym two hours a day for 365 days a year than there’s a high likely hood you’re a fit person. If you spend ninety percent of your time in the kitchen, I would be willing to bet you’re good at cooking. You can audit what you’ve been doing with your own life just by seeing where you’ve been most often. So where do you spend most of your time while you’re awake?

Here’s my thoughts on where I spend most of my time while I’m awake.

The simple answer to this question is my bedroom. I spend way too much time in there. I can’t really say much about this other than that’s just where I’m always at. I tried to think of a good story about this answer but it doesn’t make much sense. The best storytellers good stir up some amazing plot about them staying their bedroom all day. I’m just not on that level yet. So I’ll just say it straight up that I spend most of my time in my bedroom. Rather than explain some ridiculous story I’ll just share what I think is the main reasons I spend so much time there. It sounds bad from the outside looking in. But I think it works for me and my lifestyle has just been adapted to something where I spend a lot of time at home in my room.

One reason that I spend a lot of time in my room is because I’m an introvert. I’m someone who naturally likes to spend time alone. If there was any reason, that would be the main one. If I lived in my own place alone, I would probably be in the living room or kitchen more just chilling. That would be nice working on things in the kitchen while eating a snack. But I still at home with my entire family. I’m not trying to avoid them but I like to be alone in peace a lot of times. I get a lot more done in that environment. When I’m constantly in social situations my mind will start getting cluttered and I’ll get really anxious. I will overthink a lot of random things that I probably don’t need to be overthinking. So most times I need a safe, quiet space for myself. That space is my room.

Another reason I spend a lot of time in my room is because I work from home. My entire business is an online business meaning we don’t need a physical office. And since launching we have never had a physical office. All of the people that work for us are remote so they don’t need an office to go to in the mornings. They work from home and so do we. It’s easier for me and the people on the team. I have an office in my room where I go get things done when I’m ready to get in the zone. But even when I’m working, I’m still technically in my room. My room is pretty much where I’m at when I’m doing leisure activities and when I’m trying to be productive. So there’s not a real reason to leave the room for work unless it’s a business meeting or just trying to get a change of environment.

I also have been really unproductive lately. If I was more productive I would still probably be sitting at my desk in my room getting work done. But there’s the off chance that I might choose to go work at Barnes and Nobles that day. Or maybe I’ll meet up with Dwayne and work with him at his house. That works. But when I’m in an unproductive state, there’s no leaving the room. I don’t want to leave my room for any reason whatsoever. I just want to bum it out and do things that are chill. Those things usually include watching some Youtube videos to entertain myself. Of course I will binge watch a good show on Netflix if I’m really into it. And I can easily waste hours playing videogames with friends. Sadly, all those activities take place in my room.

And the last reason, I’m almost always in my room is simple. I have a mini-fridge. When you have a fridge with food sitting at your fingertips, it’s a whole different type of lifestyle. You can stock that minifridge one time and live off of it for the rest of the month. That’s exactly what I do. When I get hungry I don’t have to get up and leave my room to find something. I don’t have to search through the freezer or find the leftovers in the back of the fridge. I have pretty much everything I need to survive right there for me in my room. So it’s like my little safe haven. Like if the world was ending tomorrow, it would be my survival bunker without a doubt. It’s pretty much already my survival bunker. And whenever I run out of food and I’m still hungry there’s this little neat app called UberEats.

I spend almost all of my time awake in my room. Now that I think about I spend almost all my time on Earth period in my room. If I’m not awake then I’m sleeping. And it’s not like I’m sleeping outside in the backyard. I pretty much spend ninety percent of my life in my bedroom right now. It’s not great. I will probably gain a lot of unnecessary weight and become really unfit just from staying in this room all the time. But at the same time, I’m grateful that I even have a room to call my own. I cherish the room and value the privacy I get from it. And it’s a lot better to spend a lot of time in my room rather than in a cubicle at a job I hate. So there’s pros and cons to it. I love my room but hate that I’ll spend majority of my life inbetween these walls.

My room isn’t the best but it’s my homebase. And all my operations come to a grinding halt when I’m not comfortable in homebase.

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