Where do you find peace?

The world around is so chaotic. There’s so much going on around us that sometimes it’s hard to focus. There’s crazy shootings or killings on the news every other day. There’s political drama that seems to get crazier each and every week. There’s scandals on social media that spread like wildfire destroying the brand of celebrities big and small. So much is going on that from the outside looking in, the world is out of control.

There’s also all the people, social media, and ads vying for our attention every day. It’s hard to stay sane in the world of chaos around us. It’s too loud and crazy. So many people just want a little peace and quiet. They just want some peace. We all need some peace in our lives to keep from going off the deep end. But we all have different ways to find our peace. So ask yourself, “Where do I find peace?”

Here’s where I find peace and my thoughts on it.

Peace is a very vague term that is hard to explain. The general definition of peace is some type of calm and simplicity where things are not chaotic. That’s me defining it right from my head. But the actual explanation is nowhere near as important as someones personal definition. The way we define peace personally, will ultimately define where we find our peace in life.

The way I personally define peace, it’s a state of mind. It’s an existence where I can be calm mentally and not have to stress. There’s so many things in life that stress us out in unnecessary ways. We’re worried constantly about all kinds of factors from responsibilities, bad news, or false hopes of happiness. Think of how many hours we spend worried about paying a bill on time. Think about the time we spend worrying about whether we’ll have a successful career.

There’s so many things in society working against us. The way things are built we’re all bound to get stressed and frustrated in life. Think about the amount of times you’ve spent overthinking the amount of likes or engagement your social media posts get. It’s insane to even think about. But we’ve all done it at least once or twice. And it’s such a toxic environment. Peace to me will always be finding a mental space where we can let go of almost all of these negative factors.

The place I find my definition of peace is simple. I find peace being alone and in my thoughts. It sounds too simple but sometimes that’s all it takes. When I spend time thinking to myself I’m usually at peace. I can let my mind wander and think about all kinds of things. I’m not being reactive to the people and things around me. Essentially I dive into my head and leave the reality of the world for an hour or two. At the very least I leave for a few minutes.

The truth is sometimes thinking to myself can cause stress itself. I can think about a cool and novel idea and then start thinking of business. Then I’ll start thinking of business goals and the ones I’ve yet to hit. That leads to a level of stress and anxiety that makes that safe space the opposite of peaceful. So I think there’s more to my peace than just thinking to myself. It has to be another factor that makes me find that peace.

The factor that makes a difference is the alone part. When I think to myself around lots of other people, I can’t truly get into the right state of mind. I’m often brought out of those thoughts and find myself struggling to stay calm. It’s much different when I’m laying in bed alone with music playing low. I can think to myself and not be fighting against people and things trying to get my attention. So I find a lot of peace alone in my thoughts.

I also find that peace comes to me based on my environment at times. When I’m at home I might be stuck thinking about washing clothes and cleaning my room. Obviously that’s not the ideal things to be thinking about when alone in my thoughts. But when I go outside for a walk at night, I get a whole next level of peace and calm. I can think about any and everything. I feel like I’m alone in the whole world with just my thoughts. No cars honking, no people waving, and no other thoughts. It’s just Tim and his thoughts.

That is where I find peace. I find peace in my mind and thinking deeply. I find peace when alone and by myself. I find peace when I’m in a calm and natural environment. And I find some of the most peace when in deep thought alone in a calm environment. Essentially, it’s a glorified type of meditation. But it really does calm my mind and help me escape the chaos of the world. Where do you find your peace?

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