When you look into the past, what do you miss the most?

The present is where we experience everything. The future is where all our potential lies. And that’s exactly why most people choose to focus on the present and future. We can do things today that will change our lives tomorrow. As long as we have hope for a better future it makes sense to spend most of our time focused no it. But all of our life lessons live in our past. Most people skip over the past and everything that happened yesterday.

When we forget the past we leave lots of knowledge on the table. The history is one big encyclopedia of knowledge. And if we spend time reading that knowledge we learn about the patterns of life. So it’s important to use the past for the value it can provide. We can learn lessons, find patterns, and reminsce from the past. We should look to it just as often as we look to the future. You can even look to the past to appreciate things you once had. Just ask yourself, “When I look into the past, what do I miss the most?

Here’s a short story on what I miss the most when I look into the past.

We were about ten minutes out from the venue and I was getting excited. At this point I could tell we were all on a natural high. It’s been a while since all three of us went out and we always seemed to feed off each other’s energy. Honestly I had never heard of Zoe Kravitz before today but that’s who Enkose wanted to see. And of course Dwayne was down for whatever. So we found ourselves driving to the city to see Zoe for what was my first ever concert.

As we got closer we all started getting excited. Dwayne and I started hyping up Enkose and telling him it was going to be an epic night. We had no idea what was in store but it was his birthday so we had to get his adrenaline flowing. We screamed above the music asking, “Tell us what you want for your birthday tonight. It could be anything!” And before we could even explain how little money we had to our names Enkose looked at us and said, “I want a kiss from Zoe.”

Dwayne and I looked at each other with shock… “How on earth would we get a celebrity to kiss him?!” But we put on our poker face and said, “We’ll get you a kiss then!” And thirty minutes later we were at the front of the crowd rocking out to her music. It was actually impressed by her talent and beauty. But while I was looking at her it seemed like she was making eye contact with Enkose. And that was exactly when operation, “Kiss from Zoe” kicked in. I told him to keep making eye contact and smiling.

We were hoping she’d bring him on stage or something. That never happened. And eventually she closed out the performance and left the stage. Dwayne, Enkose and I were all feeling defeated. But we didn’t give up. We hurried over to the side hall trying to get backstage. Of course security stared us down and we weren’t able to get through. Just as we turned around Zoe came walking out and was signing posters for her horde of fans. And we knew immediately this was our last chance.

Dwayne started pushing and tackling everbody to make a path to Zoe. Enkose was able to get just within shoulder distance of her. Then Dwayne asked her if should could take a picture with Enkose. And her being so free-spirited she quickly agreed. As they were posing together in the picture Enkose told her it’s his birthday. She told him happy birthday. And then from the back of the crowd I screamed, “Kiss him! Kiss him!” A couple people joined in screaming to kiss him. Zoe smiled, looked over at Enkose, and gave him a kiss.

Enkose and Zoe Kravitz on his birthday.

Of course we missed the photo. But it was a surreal moment because we got him his dream birthday wish. And it all happened with the excellent execution and vision of 3rd Wave. It all happened like a well oiled machine. When I think of my past the thing I miss the most is the crazy experiences with 3rd Wave. We do things every now and then. But back then we were always together doing something crazy, bold, and epic. It was the 3rd Wave way.

Love you Dwayne and Enkose. Hope we can get back to the old 3rd Wave days.

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