When you have a random hour of free time, what do you usually do?

Time is of the essence. No matter what’s going on in our lives, time is always a huge variable. The rules of this world have always had time at the core. Every animal, organism, and human has to abide by the rules of time. We all have the same twenty four hours in a day. And we can’t directly increase or decrease the time we’re allotted. Furthermore, time is one thing we can never regain in life. It’s physically impossible. When you make a purchase at a store, there might be a chance you qualify for a refund. When you spend even a minute of time, it’s gone forever.

So it’s important to be in control of how we spend our time. It’s one of the most if not the most precious assets we have as humans. It also says a lot about who we are as people. I often say, “Show me how you spent the last twenty four hours and I’ll show you your priorities.” The way spend our time can say volumes about how we live our lives. After all, the minutes and hours we spend each day are all small moments that combine together to create our one life. So for goodness sakes, don’t your time for granted. You should be vigilante and persistent with auditing how you spend even an hour of your life. So when you have a random hour of free time, what do you usually do?

Here’s a short story of how I usually spend a random hour of free time.

Short answer. My little brother says I would just take the time to sleep. I can’t say he’s wrong with that answer. My little sis says she’d take the hour to go buy a bunch of food and give it to the homeless or donate a bunch of clothes to Goodwill. I asked her why she didn’t do that all Sunday with her freetime and she said she needs a car. My younger step siblings are so smart for their age. I love catching up with them and seeing how much they’ve grown. But since I’ve been here watching them the last few days most of my work has been on pause. This means I didn’t have one random hour of freetime but basically a whole day’s worth. I’ll illustrate the different things I’ve done today.

I woke up and went searching for the small purple remote. Once I found the elusive device I pointed it straight forward as I saw the Roku logo gleaming off the top. The tv quickly shut on and went to the classic Roku home page. I scrolled through and found the Youtube app. Their iconic logo is always a friendly image. It wasn’t my first time watching youtube with my free time. So I let the site load up as I went and got ready for the day. I checked on the little rascals that were all still sleeping in on the long labor day weekend. Once I was settled I started browsing.

The very first video I watched was called, “The Egg”. It blew my mind. That’s all I can say about that. It woke me up not just physically but on an existential level. In a Nutshell, really outdid themselves with that video. I dropped a few popular comments and then went on to other videos. I watched a couple of videos on games like Apex Legends and Fortnite. I found a great video on success and growing your business. Then I saw a travel montage video from a creator called Tmartn that inspired me on many levels. So I watched all of their amazing vlogs from beautiful Bora Bora.

After about an hour of watching Youtube videos I needed a break from that. I went and found my siblings. They were all up and for whatever reason didn’t want breakfast. Well Durotimi got up and made his own cereal while everyone else was sleeping. Tinu and Temisan just didn’t care for breakfast today. Instead they all wanted to play Super Mario. I wasn’t surpised. They had been at this single game for months trying to beat the last Bowser level. And we can all agree Mario is truly a classic of a game. So I flopped on the cool black leather couch and we all started taking turns passing around the Wii remote. They kept calling me a noob because I hadn’t played with a Wii in years. Little did they know I got the Wii system the year it came out back in 2012.

After an hour of two playing games I’m sorry to admit it. I went and took a nap. It wasn’t the world’s longest nap. But I’m not used to three to four kids all fighting for my attention for hours on end. I could easily grind on business for days without sleep but managing kids instantly drained me. And to make matters worse, there were multiple more nap occasions throughout the day. Hence, the reason Durotimi said I would likely just use my free time to sleep. Smart kid. After my nap, all the kids were still gaming. I was in awe! Out of pure rebellion, I told them to all put their phones and games away and throw on some shoes. We went for a hot but fun family walk around the neighborhood. It was nice hearing their school stories, seeing them point out all their friends houses, and dipping our feet in the neighborhood pool.

Those were just the main things we did in the beginning of the day. As for the rest of the day, there were other random things. I watched a business show about a billionaire creating a million dollar business in less than ninety days. I worked on some marketing for my business. I worked on creating a Sparketh account for my younger siblings to learn art. And I ordered some food off UberEats once or twice and ate a good meal. All that are ways I spent my almost twenty four hours of free time. But if I had to say what I’d usually do with my free time it would be these three main ones. I watch Youtube videos to learn random things. I play video games. And I go for a stroll or walk outside in nature. Those are my go to’s.

Oh yeah, I can’t forget what Durotimi said… It’s likely I’d probably just sleep.

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