When you are 80-years-old, what will matter to you the most?

Nobody wakes up first thing in the morning and starts planning their 80th birthday. Not because it’s not important, but it’s just not all the hype. We’re too busy partying away our twenties. We’re even more busy trying to glue together some stability in our thirties.

Eighty is pretty much the beginning of the end. When we’re eighty years old, chances are we will be much wiser. Having learned so much in life, we will care about so many different things when older. And the worse feeling is getting there and feeling like we did it all wrong.

So here and now I’ll share what I think will matter to me in my eighties.


Relationships, connection, and love are all things I swore against as a teenager. Then I got my world flipped upside down with my first true love. I learned what love truly is. I now know that it’s such a powerful thing. It’s greater than we all know.

Although I’ve never put a focus on love, I know it’s something my soul yearns for. It’s greater than we all know. Love is universal and everlasting. This goes for friends, family, and love interests. At eighty, it’s something we should all have in abundance around us. This is something I can’t explain, but believe.


Who actually knows Tim? Who actually knows what Tim stands for? Better yet, what good has Tim done for the world? These are all questions of legacy. I want millions of people to be able to answer these questions. My mom always told me my life is special. And I believe leaving a strong legacy will confirm it.

When I’m eighty years old, death will be around the corner. I want to know that my impact on the world lives on beyond me. Every business, every idea, and every project I work on should be adding value to the world. And at eighty I hope to have done lots of good for humankind.


I’m proud to be in the theoretical half of people with an actual written out bucket list. And even more, I’m in the half of those that actually plan on completing in. There’s just so many things to experience in life. I want to go skydiving. I want to throw a Great Gatsby party. I want to solve a damn Rubik’s cube.

When I’m eighty I’ll spend time thinking about all the things I’ve experienced. Nobody want’s to feel like they wasted a truly beautiful life. And I want to strongly feel that I seized all that I could in life. Because the only thing worst than FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is realizing you actually did miss out (RUADMO).

I’m nowhere near eighty now and there’s no guarantee I’ll make it that far. But as long as I keep these three things top of mind, I will live a fulfilling life. Not by societies’ standards, but by my own. The only person’s standards a grumpy old eighty year old like me will care about.

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