When was your first impression of someone totally wrong?

First impressions are an unspoken art. Impressions are a quick and easy way for people to get a snapshot of who someone is. And we’re always making snap impressions of new people we meet. Sometimes they’re good impressions that someone is a great person. Other times it’s bad impressions that someone is hiding a dark side. Either way, we gather all our info on our first impression before you can even introduce yourself. That’s how fast first impressions are made.

But first impressions are such quick small judgments that they can sometimes be dead wrong. We’ve all made impressions that were not anything like who we truly are. And we’ve all made impressions that were spot on to who we are and what we believe. We just have to be careful when we choose to get impressions on other people. We can take those impressions as gospel. Or we can take those impressions with a grain of salt. You should always remember the times your first impression was nothing like what you expected. So what was your first impression of someone totally wrong?

Here’s my thoughts on when my first impression of someone was totally wrong.

My impression of my sister’s best friend, Oneeka, was pretty simple. She seemed like someone who was all into the wrong things. She seemed like she just liked to party twenty four seven. And I thought she was a pretty basic girl that didn’t care about much. I barely knew her. I just thought she liked partying, turning up, and bring wreckless. That was my first impression for a long while. And every time my sister and her went out to party it seemed like my impression was reinforced.

But I’ve spent some time taking her to school over the last month. I noticed that she goes above and beyond to go to school everyday. She could easily skip classes and stay home all day long. But instead she chose to go in pretty much all the time. And her school was way out of the way. She would stay after school and study. And she would also get to her homework almost same day. I was kinda shocked when I learned all that she was working on. And she was working hard towards a lot of different goals. My impressions were completely wrong this time.

Oneeka is hard working, dedicated, girl that just happens to have fun and live life!

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