When was the last time you tried something new?

Life can get so repetitive at times. We’re often doing a lot of the same things. We wake up, shower, eat, and brush our teeth. We head into work for eight hours and then drive home. After we decompress, we find something to eat and probably find a show to watch on Netflix. And before you know it, you’re sleeping for eight hours to do wake up and do it all over again the next day. When you really zoom out and look at life there’s a lot of repetition. Most people do novel things on the weekends, on vacation, or if something really random happened in their life.

And that’s not great. We need a certain level of predicitability in life. It’s good for us to have security and peace of mind in what we can expect in life. Not to mention, it’s hard to accomplish really big goals if you’re not being consistent in life. Routine is good. But novelty is also really important. When we try new things it inspires us to think about things differently. We see the world from a different perspective. Some of the best discoveries come from putting yourself in new and exciting situations. You should keep a healthy amount of spontaneity in your life. So when was the last time you tried something new?

Here’s a short story on the last time I tried something new.

I had no idea how this night was going to end but I was willing to find out. It had been a long time since I went out with another female. I wasn’t really big on dates my whole life. I’m an introvert so it was really rare for me to leave the house. Not to mention, go out with a friend that’s a girl. That’s unheard of from me. I don’t even know how it all came into fruition when I think about it now. Who did I think I was calling girls asking them to go out with me. Nonetheless, I had an interesting night ahead of me. And I was already late to pick up my date. My anxiety was going through the roof by this time. But I had to keep a calm composure on the outside. Else the night would of ended before it even started.

I arrived at her house and gave her a quick call. She showed up at the car door. I unlocked it and of course there was one hundred floss sticks all over her seat. I forgot to grab them before calling her to come outside. As a matter of fact, I should of probably had went outside and opened the car door for her. I guess chivalry really is dead. I grabbed all the floss sticks off the seat and quickly put them in my glove compartment. I looked up at her and she just smiled. She looked stunning. I tried my best not to smile too hard, but I think it was too late. She sat down and we talked for five minutes while I put the address in the GPS. I couldn’t even work the maps app. Talk about overthinking simple stuff.

We finally drove off and had a great conversation. She was a really interesting person and I could of listened to her all day. She told me funny stories of creepy guys hitting on her. She told me about how she’d been independent since she was really young. She told me how she was a child actress, and even let me listen to some of the music she’s been working on recently. I was really intrigued. But what impressed me the most was how passionate she was when she spoke about her spiritual journey, her love for animals, nature, and music. I’m not great at having conversations but let’s just say she made it really easy. By the time I looked up, we were pulling up at the event.

We were really though. I never show up to speaking events late. But I know they’re always super understanding. I wasn’t stressing it. It just wasn’t the best look. We both laughed about how late we were and how we’d make an excuse of why we were late. It was funny. We went inside and spent fifteen minutes conversing with everyone. I saw a lot of familiar faces that I hadn’t seen in months. I met a handful of really interesting people. I included her in all the conversations, and introduced her to a lot of people. She vibed really well with everyone and fit into the business scene really well. I liked that. I did my whole speech trying not to fumble in front of her. She was super supportive, told me I was pretty funny, and gave me a big hug when I was done.

After mingling with the other business professionals for thirty more minutes, we got hungry. We looked at the bar menu and it was pretty basic. We decided to get something simple. But just as we were about to order she remembered this really good food spot, called The Slutty Vegan. I’ve heard about this place a million times and never tried it. It was an entirely vegan restaurant but it had five star raving reviews. People from all around the world would go out of their way to eat there. So in a spurt of spontaneity we decided to go to The Slutty Vegan instead. We left out on our adventure to eat at this food spot. I was hesitant because I’m not vegan. But she spoke really highly of the place.

We got there and the line was wrapped around the block. We stood out in the cold for twenty minutes waiting to get this food. We were essentially drooling saliva by the time we finally got to the register. We ordered two vegan burgers, fries, and lemonade. We got giddy and happy as soon as they called our order number. We ran back to the car. We opened of the boxes right there in the car, and both took a a bite of our burgers. We looked up at each other and started smiling. It was freaking delicious! It wasn’t even a good vegan burger. It was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had in general. We laughed, talked, and ate in the car for the rest of night. That was something really new that I tried recently. I can definitely say The Slutty Vegan is great!

Thanks for showing me new things, Nia! I had a lot of fun 😉 .

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