When was the last time you lied? What did you lie about?

It’s crazy to think about how much we grow from babies to adults. When we’re infants we can’t speak, walk, or do much else. The only thing we do is cry, smile, and observe the world. As adults we’re able to speak our mind, walk or run almost anywhere, and make decisions on every little thing. It’s so much growth in so little time the way we develop. But all the developments aren’t positive. We also learn to fight, steal, and worst of all lie. Babies don’t do those things.

And the sad part is most of us lie at least once in life. It’s more likely that we will lie many times in our life. Some lies are with good intentions like white lies. We usually tell those to make people feel good about themselves. But there’s also boldfaced black lies which are just plain old toxic. We usually tell those to deceive or trick someone about something. But the best way to get better at not lying is to be honest with ourselves about when and why we lie. So tell me, when was the last time you lied? What did you lie about?

Here’s a short story on the last time I lied and what it was about.

About two weeks ago I was hanging with my girlie DeAsia in my room talking about life. Sometimes we would have deep conversations about things we want to accomplish in the future. But I looked up at her and saw her eyes closed and her head slumped in her lap. I had no idea what I said wrong this time but she looked very sad. She looked up at me and told me she was just very stressed about the trip. It had been three years since we’ve been to Jamaica and she wanted to look amazing.

So I told her to start listing the things she wanted to get done before we left in a week. And before she got past point two my younger sister Kelcey bust into my room begging me for help. She like DeAsia wanted to get her hair and lashes done for Jamaica but was short like fifty dollars. Of course I was about to offer her them the fifty dollars they needed but then Oneeka walked in. I love Oneeka because she’s one of my little sister’s most loyal and selfless friends. But I didn’t know the whole house would be asking to borrow money from me.

It became a whole session adding up money and budgeting costs. They were all about to spend nearly three hundred dollars for this week long trip to Jamaica. And after a few hours I was able to lend them all the money they needed and that was my good deed for the day. But by the end of the Tim Bank lending out hundreds of dollars I was in deep thought. Why on earth do girls spend so much money getting glossed up to look good for vacations. I needed a simple haircut and I’d be ready to go in thirty minutes.

And that’s when the idea popped into my mind. What if I did spend a few hundred dollars getting my swag and style setup for the trip. Everyone’s so used to me being simple and chill when it comes to my style. But I know I can be just as flashy as these rappers and fashion idols on social media. So I decided to do just that. I made a list of all the things that would elevate my style to a whole new level. And I was going to do it all under the table with nobody knowing what I was planning.

When I landed in Jamaica a few days later, I was a completely different person. I had my hair dyed cool grey, a fresh lineup, trendy outfits, and a new tattoo on my neck, arm, and under my right eye. This was me on the extreme end which was a farcry from what I looked like before. Everyone from family to friends were shocked when they saw my new look. I got a lot of compliments and people asking when I got my tattoos. It was the most shocking part of my whole look. I had a whole semicolon tatted on my face. Whenever someone asked about them I told them I got them right before the trip and wanted to try something new.

But that wasn’t the truth. I did change my look before Jamaica but not the way everyone thought. The tattoos I had were all temporary. They would wash away and disappear off my skin in two weeks time. But I was too wrapped up in the story to let people know. So I lied to my friends, followers, and even my grandma about my new skin art. And everyone took it as the truth. Some people question the legitimacy but everyone else thought, “Wow! Tim is really bold.” Only I knew that I was lying and would never be so brash with getting a tattoo so last minute.

It was good while it lasted though. Now everyone sees my neck bare empty neck and knows it was all a hoax. And we all just laugh and how ridiculous it all was. It was funny and cool to be out there and bold for that week. I’m back to my normal self and much rather prefer it. But now when girls get riled up trying to get pretty and perfect for special occasions, I know why. It actually is fun and gives a whole new level of confidence. It’s too bad I had to lie in the process. At least it was all in good fun. But between me and you, that might not be my last tattoo. The question is whether it’ll be fake or real!

If you really believed I got a tattoo, I got you!

P.S.- Here’s a glimpse of my new look.

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