When was the last time you felt lucky?

We all could use a little more luck in our lives. At least that’s what we tell ourselves. “If only I was luckier, I would of gotten the last two numbers right on my powerball lotto ticket.” It’s not fair how it seems like we’re never lucky when we really want or need it. I needed to become a millionaire last year to stunt on all my friends but I didn’t get lucky enough. But luck doesn’t exactly work like that. If we were able to get lucky whenever we wanted, then it wouldn’t be luck. That would just be pure power to sway the odds in our favors. And everyone and their mom would be abusing that power to get any and everything they want in life.

Luck is completely out of our control. We are simply helpless participants in the game of luck. We watch and hope that all goes our way. And nine times out of ten it doesn’t. But that just makes it that much sweeter when we do get lucky. And we all get lucky eventually. Sure, you didn’t win two hundred million dollars in the powerball lotto last week. But there are definitely moments we get things that we didn’t truly deserve or work for. In those instances where the odds are thankfully in our favor, there’s little more to explain it than plain luck. We’ve all experienced being lucky before. So when was the last time you felt lucky?

Here’s a short story on the last time I felt lucky.

I rarely feel lucky. Luck is something that I’m not usually looking for in my life. Most times I’m participating in things that will reward me for my level of skill. I don’t spend time trying to get lucky. Some people will spend their whole lives trying to get lucky. I would rather spend my whole life improving my skill and then know I have what it takes to succeed. It’s a control thing really. I don’t play the lotto because it’s pretty much completely out of my control. I’d play a round of Texas Hold Em’ poker before I put all my money on roulette table. Of course both require a certain amount of luck but the former requires much more skill than the other.

I got to Dwayne’s house and it was freezing outside. The cars were lined up down the street. I had to park pretty far away. I got out and lightly sprinted towards his front door. I look through the window and saw him and his friends sitting at the table playing Uno. I started laughing to myself because I knew it was getting heated in there. Dwayne and Brianna were super competitive when it came to playing Uno. I rang the doorbell and waited. Two seconds later, Dwayne came to the door with a pretty neutral expression. That meant one of two things. He was either losing pretty badly and getting frustrated. Or he was winning so much that it wasn’t even fun anymore. It seriously gets boring playing games where you consistently beat the competition.

I dapped him up and walked inside. Brianna was smiling. Alexa, Dwayne’s sister was focused. And Alexa’s friend was just observing everyone else. I gave everyone hugs and sat down at the table. Ife, Dwayne’s current girlfriend, came around the corner and sat down as well. We were all there sitting and they were playing their current game of Uno. I quickly asked who was winning to which Dwayne replied, “Of course, me.” I started laughing because I knew what that face was for now. He was probably winning games back to back and felt like he was unstoppable. I was looking closely at the game as Alexa and Dwayne went head to head. Then I noticed they were breaking all the rules of Uno. “You can’t place cards down like that,” I exclaimed.

That’s when Dwayne explained they weren’t playing Uno. He gave me the box to a card game they were playing called Phase 10. I was shocked they weren’t playing Uno. Turns out they played it earlier and wanted to switch up the game a little. I started reading the box on this Phase 10 game I was super confused. “What on Earth is a set or a run?” They stopped their current game of for a quick second. They started giving me examples of how a set or run works. I had to find cards that were all the same or cards that ascended/descended in order. There were different phases that you had to get through to win the game. There were ten of them to be exact. The name obviously made sense now.

Dwayne’s turn came around and he put down his last phase of cards. He said, “Phase 10!” and the game was over. He won again. I knew everyone was kind of drained at this point. But I told them I wanted to give it a try. Granted I still had pretty much no idea how the game worked. I figured it was simple enough if kids could get it. So I jumped in the next game with a hand of cards and immediately started looking at the box to remember the first phase. I had all the cards I needed for my first phase right at the beginning. I was shocked. The next hand I got my phase completely before everyone else again. This happened three or four more times. By the time people were on the third phase, I was already on phase ten. And I won the game with flying colors on my first try.

That taught Dwayne a lesson. I broke his winning streak. I felt super lucky when I was playing. I had pretty much no idea what I was doing. But I was winning without even trying. And card games like Phase 10 and Uno are really luck based. You’re depending heavily on the cards you’re dealt and the hands of your competition. I knew I wasn’t skilled at the game. I was just super lucky. I couldn’t take full responsiblity for something I knew was mostly out of my control. It was still fun walking in and beating everyone. I felt like I had the magic touch that night. Nobody expected me to win. I didn’t win the next game though. Alexa won the next game. But at least we stopped Dwayne two times in a row. The luck in the room shifted because of me!

Success takes hard work and patience. But luck will always be a key factor as well.

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