When is love a weakness?

Love is the universal language of the world. Everyone is understanding of love and giving love. When we’re born as a baby we understand even the most simple form of love. We don’t need to know much about language, math, or history and we still know what love is. We love our mother naturally. And we are accepting of their love naturally.

Love is surely a powerful force in the world. And it has been the motivation for many great decisions in the world. We choose to work hard to support the people we love. And we commit to being the best version of ourselves to impress the people we want to love us. But love has also been the motivation for many bad things as well. We’ve seen it destroy the most honorable of people. So ask yourself, “When is love a weakness?”

Here’s when love is a weakness and my thoughts on it.

There’s so many positive qualities about being a good lover. Everyone in life wants to be loved in some way. Whether we yearn for familial love or sexual love, we all have a desire to be loved. Some of us have experienced that love once or twice. Others have never experienced love a day in our lives. So we all have our own reasons for wanting to be loved. The most common thread is just how good people feel when they’re being loved by someone else.

If you’re that person that’s great at loving another person, you’ll be of great value to them. You will be the one person that’s great at making other people feel good and truly wanted. Everyone loves that feeling of being important to someone else. So love is a powerful characteristic to be skilled in. And some people are naturally good at being great lovers. Other people are prone to being horrible at it. And we know who we are in that regard.

But love is something we can surely learn to be better at. And it’s one of those areas we can all be a lot better at. There’s always somewhere to improve in how we love others. There’s nobody on earth that’s perfect at love. It’s always a work in progress type of thing. And it’s something that’s very fluid. My love and approach to loving others is nowhere near the same way someone else will love. The way people love will alter based on the individuals and the dynamic of their relationship.

Nonetheless, there’s so many things that could go wrong when it comes to being a lover. There’s so many egos, prides, and emotions involved. It’s easy for one person to get hurt. And it’s just as easy for someone else to feel entitled. So there’s many ways to mess up love. But in the overall most people will find more value in love rather than avoiding it altogether. Love is something will always end with pain. It’s just a part of the process.

But personally, there’s one instance when love is surely a weakness overall. When love for someone else prohibits your own happiness and peace of mind, it’s a complete loss. We all make sacrifices for people we love and care about. But at the end of the day we have to take care of the most important person in our lives. That person is ourselves. It’s the only person we’re stuck with one hundred percent of the time from birth to death. We can’t let love destroy our own happiness.

Many people don’t understand this concept. Love is a very selfless experience. So yes, we do for the other party. And yes we have to make personal sacrifice for their happiness sometimes. But that is an anomaly. We should never consistently be sacrificing our happiness or peace of mind. It’s foolish and a zero sum game. It only ends with resentment and self destruction. So love is worth it. But healthy love is truly worth it. Don’t engage in a toxic relationship that comprises your happiness. That love will always be a weakness for all parties involved.

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