When is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards and just do what you know is right?

The beauty of being a human being comes from having so much free will. We can gather information and make decisions all on our own. Sometimes we use how we feel to steer our decision-making, and other times what we think. Our best decisions are made when we use a balance of logic and feelings.

But sometimes we abuse our free will. Instead of taking action on things, we overthink and even “overfeel”. There is much value in taking the time to think before you act. But taking a surplus a time thinking is a true fault. It promotes inaction and many times leaves us feeling paralyzed.

Sometimes you just have to stop calculating risk and reward, and just do what you know is right. Here’s a list of those times…

Life or death

There’s very few times as serious, as critical, as terrifying as a life or death moment. These events are few and far between, but at some point everyone experiences one. The moment you are in these situations everything takes a new meaning.

Our bodies are even programmed to react, move, and think in a more hyper state when confronted with life or death. We resolve into fight or flight mentality. These are moments when you can’t calculate the risk, you just do. Your body moves itself, and does what is right, what is smart, what is necessary.

In the name of love

Love is something that we as humans don’t have to learn. We come into this world with a profound love and attachment to our mothers and fathers. It is programmed within us. Yes we can get better at expressing love, or even choosing our partners. But overall, love is innate.

That being said, we must learn not to overcalculate in love. The phrase unconditional love is such a powerful concept. To love someone not to avoid risk, or gain rewards but just because. We should all try and approach true love with an inner feeling, not calculations.

Personally, I have made my most genuine decisions in love when all logic was thrown out the window. When I introduce logical thinking it hinders the unconditional love we all strive for. So in the name of love, stop thinking and just do what’s right.

For the greater good of humanity

Humans are like one big experimental project to me. There’s so much division and personal agendas but somehow we are a collective. We all have one, if not many, things in common. We share the same biology, the same home, and the same goals. So no matter what, we’re all in this together.

This means as humans we have an obligation to do right by each other. Not on an individual level, but rather as that greater collective. When we make decisions on preserving the earth, nuclear war/terrorism, and global warming there is no I. We have no place to evaluate on any grounds except what’s truly right for humanity.

When you know what must be done

It’s easy to overthink on the simplest of decisions. Sometimes I delay on choosing the boxers I’ll wear for the day. We know how long it takes you to find a Netflix show at night. Too long. But in rare situations, decisions are not thought about they are just done.

When we are in situations where we know what must be done, what is right, what is honorable, we should do it. If there’s a baby in a hot car, we call the police and break that window right open. Not because we’re vigilantes but because it’s right. When there’s no doubt that something has to be done and it’s the right thing to be done, it should be done. No risk reward analysis needed.

We’re smart creatures at the end of the day. Our judgment is a powerful tool. But some situations are bigger than us alone. And in those times, we should stop delaying, stop overthinking, and start doing. Do what’s right.

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