When have you worked hard and loved every minute of it?

We work hard for the things we truly want. Sometimes we get lucky and get things we never earned. That’s what many people hope for when they play the lottery. But for the majority of people we don’t win anything. We have to work hard and diligently for the things we want. So we do work hard.

But it’s tough because we’re not robots. Waking up every morning and working hard is a tough task. We can do that for some time but eventually we’ll burn out. And the secret is to do work that you love. That’s the silver lining that keeps us happy and productive. But you have to ask yourself, “When have you worked hard and loved every minute of it?’

Here’s my thoughts on when I’ve worked hard and loved every minute of it.

I find myself working a lot in life. Everyone has to work for something at some point. I don’t care how silver of a spoon you were born with. We all something we want and have to work for. That’s the way life is designed. We grow and develop through the journey of our aspirations.

But personally I work hard on a consistent basis. I’m always aspiring for things that are way out of reach. I don’t want to buy my first car. I want to buy my first car and it be an Audi R8 supercar. I don’t want to travel to Paris this summer. I want to travel the world all year long. My aspirations require lots of work to accomplish.

So naturally I encourage myself to work harder and more and often. I’m working hard to be more healthy and stay out of the hospital. I’m working hard to stay in shape and get my fitness to a good level. I’m working hard to become financially independent. I’m working hard to be socially savvy and a more empathetic person every day. But none of these things have been as easy to love as other work.

The one time I remember working unusually hard but loving every second of it was a few years back starting my own business. It was one of the toughest challenges to figure out every little detail to launch this business. I had to file legal documents, create landing pages, design user experiences, and reach out for business partnerships. It was really a lot of work. But there’s two reasons I found that I loved every moment of it.

The first reason it was so easy to do that work was because I wasn’t alone. I had one of my lifelong bestfriends on the journey with me. When I felt the pain, he felt it too. I found comfort and even joy in struggling with him every step of the way. We worked hard on different things we were good at. And we worked even harder together on the things we both were inexperienced in. It was surreal. When things got too hard to handle we pushed each other to work just a little bit longer.

And now we’re here years later still working on a business we truly love. The other reason is simply it was mine. It was something I owned and felt completely responsible for. I wasn’t working for someone else’s benefit. I was creating the vision and doing the work to bring it to life. Owning my destiny and the projects I work on is truly a priceless asset. Anyone who’s experienced it will tell you of the peace of mind and excitement you get when you’re free to work on whatever you like. The six plus months it took to launch Sparketh was the hardest most enjoyable time ever. When did you personally love every minute of hard work?

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