When does silence convey more meaning than words?

Silence is golden. That’s what they teach us as young children. Silence is much more powerful than being loud-mouthed. The people that are quick to speak are the ones who reveal much more than they need to. When you’re quiet you can hear much better and learn more from others. We’ve been given two ears and one mouth for a reason. Be silent and listen twice as much as the time you spend speaking.

Those are all things we’ve been taught as kids. It’s taught to us from teachers, parents, and even random strangers. And it seems to make a lot of sense. We’re all meant to listen not speak because silence is truly golden. But at some point we grow up and realize that we were told a bunch of nonsense. We have to express ourselves and never ever be silent. But in reality there is some truth to the message. Sometimes silence is powerful you just have to know when. So ask yourself, “When does silence convey more meaning than words?”

Here’s my thoughts on when silence conveys more meaning than words?

Nine times out of ten we should be speaking up and expressing ourselves. The world is a very shrewd and cold place. If you don’t speak up, nobody hears you and what you stand for. And over time, the whole world forgets who are. That sucks. And it happens everyday to people big and small no matter who you are. There’s just so many people and things fighting for people’s attention. If you don’t speak, your voice will inevitably get drowned out.

So there’s a lot of value in deciding to speak and be heard. You have to decide what you stand for and craft a clear message. Then use your voice to cut through the clutter and reach people’s hearts and minds. Even if you don’t have an audience at first, just speaking your truth will attract an audience around you. There’s just so much power in spreading your message and sharing your voice with the world. Many people underestimate the value of their voice.

On the other hand, there’s millions of people that underestimate the value of silence. They think the only way to convey a message is by speaking. And those people are completely wrong. Anyone who’s spent enough time speaking to others knows that sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is to stay quiet. Silence is truly golden in certain situations. Especially when you think of all the people that speak nonstop and create noise.

You will be that one person that isn’t adding to the clutter in the world. But you have to know when silence is the best move. And I have a simple answer to when silence conveys more meaning that speaking. The answer is whenever the message can be clearly conveyed without speaking. In other words, share your message in the least amount of words possible, even if that number is none. So speak only when it’s necessary to convey your message.

If you’re a musician that plays the violin, then nine times out of ten your message doesn’t need any words at all. You can stand in front of a crowd of people and play a masterpiece on your instrument. That audience will immediately feel the power and clarity in the music you played. The last thing you’d need to do after that is open your mouth and speak. And honestly, it would most likely take away from the impact of the musical performance itself.

Silence conveys more meaning when words are not needed. This can go for many situations. Think of the parent that wants to let their child know to settle down before they get in trouble. They could shout and scream and explain their whole feeling in the moment. Or they could just stare at the child with a stern and upset facial expression. In complete silence, the child will get the message loud and clear. No words were needed to share the message.

There’s a million times we can convey a message without speaking. And the most powerful and socially savvy people take that opportunity to be silent. The messages that are conveyed without words are usually the clearest and most impactful ones. So be silent when your body language, a picture, or someone else can say more than your words could possibly do. Silence truly is golden if you know when to use it. If only I could of conveyed all of this, without writing a single word.

I love you and miss you.


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