When do you feel most like yourself?

Millions of people are waking up every morning and living someone else’s vision. I’m not talking about entrepreneurship versus being employed. I’m talking about purely the day to day of your life. The decisions you make and things you do. You’re living for someone else’s satisfaction or approval. We worry what people will think of us and it stops us from doing what we want. Or maybe we’re just doing what our parents want so we can have their approval.

But our parents have their own life. Love doesn’t mean we have to dedicate all our own decisions and happiness to them. That’s a kamikaze love. We should always being doing what we feel is best for us. And we should hang out in the place that makes us happy and feel content. But first ask yourself, when exactly do you feel most like yourself?

Here’s my thoughts on when I feel most like myself.

There’s a lot of different situations that I feel comfortable in. Some situations make me feel more than comfortable. I feel alive and like I’m evolving. So there’s more than one answer to this question. And I think most people feel like themselves in various situations. It’s natural to like many things. And I’m no different.

There are three prominent times I feel most like myself. The three times I’m being the best Tim is thinking to myself, problem solving, and at the edge of my comfort zone. Naturally, I find myself gravitating to these things in life. It makes me feel more confident and like I’m making good use of myself. But here’s why exactly I feel great doing these things.

First of all, I’m a thinker. That’s an understatement. I’m an overthinker. I’m always thinking about one thing or another. And most of the times it’s deep thought about philosophical or strategical questions. But that’s how I explore and learn from the world. Some people braindump with friends. I talk it out in my head. Whenever I’m in voluntary solitude, I find myself enjoying my own thoughts and conversation. Yes, I was the kid in the corner all by himself thinking at the party.

Another thing I love to do is just solve problems. Being an overthinker, nothing feels better than to apply that thinking to a worthwhile problem. Sometimes I could get lost in a complex math problem in highschool. That’s why I was always levels ahead of my grade. It’s a good use of my time. But solving dumb problems is a waste of time. So solving problems that help people and humanity really give me a sense of fulfillment.

Lastly, I love hanging out at the edge of my comfort zone. I’m a learner. And with the things I learn, I want to grow. And the most growth comes from the direction of fear. So when I feel fear, I find myself heading down that path with a naive sense of curiosity. I’m not snatching up spiders and eating them. But when I feel myself say nervous or fearing a social situation, I’ll do exactly that. Public embarrasment , awkward silences, ignorant questions you name it. I’m not scared of anything I shouldn’t be scared of.

And that means pushing my limits makes me feel amazing. It’s that rush you get from skydiving, but every day of your life. I feel comfortable getting uncomfortable. But it has to be on my terms and time. I love solving problems that need to be solved. And I love thinking in solitary when I choose. That’s what makes me feel the most like me. The best Tim hangs out in these places. How about you?

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