What’s your definition of heaven?

Earth is a blessing. The way nature works in perfect harmony with humans. The way the Sun and Moon perfectly illuminate the whole world. The beautiful works of art found naturally outside. It’s amazing thinking of how special Earth is not just for humans, but in general. It really is one of a kind.

But many of us are not focused on Earth and the things that we’re currently surrounded by. The true goal is heaven and all the things we’re promised when we get there. We imagine it as a place of true happiness and nirvana. If Earth is filled with so much awe-inspiring features then Heaven must be a hundred times better. But heaven can change in definition from person to person. We all envision it differently. So ask yourself, “What’s your definition of heaven?”

Here’s my definition of heaven and my thoughts on it.

Heaven is a very abstract place in my thoughts. It’s an abstract thought in almost everyone’s thoughts. We can hope and dream all we want but none of us have been there. Heaven is something we can only imagine in our current lives. It’s something we think will be amazing and perfect in every manner possible. But true perfection is left up to our imaginations.

In our lives we have never experienced anything that was completely perfect. We may get really good at something and sometimes reach a level of greatness. But none of us has seen complete and true perfection with our won two eyes. We are all flawed in one way or another which means everything we do will be flawed in some way as well. So heaven is hard to imagine because we don’t know what perfect looks like.

It’s equivalent to being a slave your whole life, and then trying to understand true freedom or building wealth. You can think about it day in and day out. You can even see it with your eyes in front of you. But freedom is something you have to experience. Heaven has to work the same exact way. It’s better experienced rather than explained. So I’ve never really tried to explain heaven in my own words.

But today I’ll have to explain heaven in my own words. And even after a few hours thinking about what heaven means to me, I can only come up with this simple definition. Heaven is simply not this. Heaven is not Earth. Heaven is not this life. We’re surrounded by so many tragedies in this life. It simply couldn’t be anywhere near heaven.

Schools with small children are getting terrorized and attacked for no reason. There are millions of children and families that are going hungry everyday. There are kids diagnosed with horrible and traumatic illnesses at such young ages. It hurts. It sucks. Nobody wants to see their kids in intense pain. Nobody wants to see their family going to sleep hungry. Nobody wants to hear their kid was shot at school.

The world we live in today is beautiful and there’s so much to cherish. But the world we live in today is also very dark and sad. There’s so much to hate. Honestly, there’s just so much hate in general. And that’s why my definition of Heaven is simply… not this. I know it will be better in many ways. But as long as its better I don’t need to know how. As long as Heaven isn’t this, that’s all that matters to me. How do you define Heaven?

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