What’s the number one change you need to make in your life in the next twelve months?

Life is a game of darts. And it’s pretty easy to hit a bullseye in darts if you practice enough. The only difference is, life is a constantly moving target. Just when you think you’ve figured out how to hit a bullseye, the target starts moving slowly to the left. We spend a lot of our childhood trying to be accepted and become popular. Then we graduate from highschool and realize none of those friends mattered. Now it’s all about the grades and academics to get accepted in college. Then after college it’s all about how much money you can make. Nobody cares about how smart you actually are. Then of course, once you’re settled with a good paying job it’s time to find a partner in crime to start a family with.

There’s always new things to aim for in life. It’s really stressful when you always feel like you’re one step behind. But at the same time, moving targets are great tools to train with. Because the goal and objectives change, we must change. And that’s a good thing. If we weren’t forced to adapt, we would simply become complacent. And the world doesn’t wait for those that are stuck in the past. There’s only two real options. Adapt, or die. That’s been the story since the beginning of time. It’s important that we’re always making new and positive changes in our life. It’s easy to change, but you have to be deliberate to make positive change in your life. So tell me, what’s the number one change you need to make in your life in the next twelve months?

Here’s a short story on the number one change I need to make in my life in the next twelve months.

What bored, testosterone-fueled guy came up with the ridiculous idea of fighting your friends for fun? I was sitting in my engineering class messing around on the computer. My best friend Chiquan came over and started playing games on his computer beside me. It was five minutes before the school bell rang, but I was trying to learn some new feature in the AutoCAD software. He started laughing and showed me his new highscore on Bubble Trouble. I loved that game. I told him I couldn’t play or watch right now. Then I asked if he could, play it over on the other side so I could focus right now. He just laughed and told me to chill out. I just started laughing and pulled up Miniclip.com on my browser. And just as I was on the thirteenth level about to break his highscore, the bell rang.

We both shut the screens off, grabbed our bags, and headed right out the door. We were walking to the buses and talking about girls that we thought were cute. We were in ninth grade and pretty much had zero game. But we could dream right. We got on the bus, and found our seats. He went straight to the back to hang out with our other friends, Asier, and Courtney. I just sat in the first seat I could find at the front of the bus. I really liked all the guys in the back, but I didn’t always have the energy to talk about girls, sports, and video games. I did really enjoy sitting with Asier in the mornings while he played me all the newest hip hop songs that released over the weekend. He always had the hottest songs on his phone months before they blew up on the radio.

I just opened up a book that I started reading. It was probably just another book by Andrew Clements that I was obsessed with. I couldn’t get enough of his books, even in the ninth grade. Of course that was all before I was introduced to my new obsession, the non-fiction section. I kept my headphones in while I read so that everyone knew I wasn’t in the talking mood. I mean it was pretty clear whenever I sat in the front but the headphones were just my insurance policy. As I was flipping through a juicy page of plot development, someone comes over and sits in the row across from me. I glance up hoping it’s some cute new girl that got on the wrong bus today. Lo’ and behold it’s Chiquan. He looks over and tries to show me something cool he did with his sneakers. He pulls out my headphones, and says look bro. I smile calmly and ask what’s up.

He did something cool with his Converse’s where he tied them a special way. Or maybe it was a new limited edition color that he probably doesn’t care anything about now, a decade later. I just laughed and told him they were nice. I put my headphones back in and started reading again. He was just there in peripheral vision doing stuff with his laces. I looked out the bus window, and saw we were pulling in to Stephenson High School to get off. Then out of nowhere Chiquan snatched my precious Clement’s novel right out of my hand. I looked over and told him to give it back. He said, “Or else what?”. I laughed, and said bro chill out. The bus doors opened and he ran off the bus. I grabbed my bag and followed after him. We were standing in the front of Stephenson and I was calmly telling him to give me the book back. After everyone got off, the bus left while we all waited for the next bus to come.

He kept running around and dodging back whenever I reached out for the book. I was getting frustrated but he was my best bro. I knew he was just messing around. Then he put the book down and said you ain’t going to do anything for it. As I started walking to get the book, he slapped me lightly on the face. I said, chill out bro. Then he came up and slapped me again for the heck of it. And that’s when I completely got upset. I took my bag and jacket off and put them on the floor. I sqaured my feet up flush with my shoulders and put my hands. I told him to come and slap me again if he really thinks it’s worth it. He walked up toward me and as soon as he got close, I lunged forward and slapped him on the face. He backed up, and said, “Alright, alright bro. You got it.” He gave me the book back. I put in my bag, and threw my jacket on. Just as our next bus pulled in, we both looked at each other and just bust out laughing.

It seems like a random story of boys being boys. That’s right in a sense. But I learned something important that day. Sometimes, you have to be serious to be taken serious. People don’t think you’re capable of what they’ve never seen you do. I always want to be the best version of myself. That means I try to be humble, kind, understanding, and forgiving in many situations. But over the last few years, there have been different people that have taken advantage of that. And I can talk and threaten people all I want but sometimes you have to take action. So right now, I need to change the way I treat certain people. I need stop being Mr. Nice Guy all the time. The cold-hearted Tim, lives deep inside me. And sadly, I think it’s time I bring him back out. People don’t fuck with cold-hearted, serious Tim. And I’m no longer in the mood to be fucked with.

Goodbye Mr. Nice Guy. Thanks for slapping some sense in me that day, Chiquan. We’ll have to run it back one day haha.

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