What’s the next big step you need to take?

Life is a game of evolution. We’re born a blank slate and we add colors and depth over the years. We change so much over time. The person we are today is nothing like the person we were five years ago. And the person we are today is nothing like the person we’ll be five years from. Change happens very second. We could be a completely different person in a matter of weeks. We’re always evolving.

They say the thing that got you here is not what will get you there. And that’s a major lesson in the game of life. The success and progress we desire requires us to grow and find a new approach. It will take one thing to get past the first step. It will take something completely different to take the next step. It’s easier to get past the next step when we know what changes are needed. So ask yourself, “What’s the next big step I need to take?”

Here’s my thoughts on the next big step I need to take.

There’s so many areas that we can grow in. Some people are focused on getting physically fit and eating right. Some people are trying to further their level of knowledge in certain subject. Some people want to get more financial success. Others would really love to have a better and sustainable love life or relationship. Those are all different areas that will all take different steps to grow.

And while we all aspire to be good in all those areas, there’s usually a couple that really stands out to us. A teen in school might not be so focused on becoming fit or financially successful at the moment. But they might be very worried about becoming smarter in math or history. It’s the same way for everyone else. We can usually only focus on one or two major areas of growth before focusing on another. So I’ll go ahead and say I’m focused mostly on business growth and personal development.

Those are the two areas I’m mostly concerned with finding success in right now. When I think of those areas I know I’m much farther behind than I should be. My business has been a consistent down trend. There’s new customers cancelling every single day. There are a myriad of different bugs in our platform that make users frustrated with the product. And my personal development is at all time low. My mental stability is very fragile and I’ve had a lack of will power as of late.

So I know those are the areas I could a lot better in. And when I think of the steps needed to get better in them one major thing comes to mind. I think the next big step I need is to foster a team of people. I think having other people working on the business would help relieve a lot of pressure off of me and Dwayne. It would also give the business a lot more leverage to grow at faster rate. We could do more in a lot less time.

The same thing goes for my personal development. It sounds silly at first thought. But in reality it might be the single biggest step to help me get back on track. Naturally I’m a very independent person that hates relying on others. So when tragedy striked I quickly put the responibility on no one but myself. But after years of trying everything alone, I think reaching out to friends, family or even strangers could help a lot. There’s only so much I can do as an individual human being.

So the next big step in my life is getting a team to support me. I have to find comptent, trustworthy, and genuine people that are interested in being a part of my mission. I have to let go of my pride and lower my guard to let others help me without any restrictions. That is the next big step for me. And I think that big step will yield amazing results for me. It’s possible and it’s exactly what I’ll try doing next. What’s your next big step?!

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