What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in the last year?

Life is one big learning lesson that we learn over many years. No matter where we are in life we’re always learning something. You could be in high school learning that your closest friends will betray you for their personal interests. You can be thirty years old at work learning that your colleagues will drag you down to get higher in their own career. Or you could be sixty five years old learning that the little decisions like what we eat and drink will catch up to us years later. There’s always a learning moment somewhere in our lives.

And that’s part of the beauty of life. It isn’t a perfect fairytale story. We’re all hot messes that makes all kinds of mistakes. But we’re always from those mistakes and getting better as we go. And the lessons we learn only stand to make us better in the long run. We just have to keep the lessons we learn top of mind. If we forget everything we learn there’s no true value for us in the trials and tribulations of life. You should take the time to reflect on the things life has taught you often. So what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in the last year?

Here’s a short story on the most important lesson I’ve learned in the last year.

Rather than one full story, I’ll share many things that has happened to me in the last year. All these things have changed my life in some way. And they are all things that I personally didn’t want to happen in my life. But overall, they all happened nonetheless. And all of these different things have one similar theme. It’s the one thing that I learned from the past year. So not one story but a short synopsis of many things that happened in my last year. And how all these things taught me one very important lesson.

I chose to go on a diet. It was a crazy and bold diet that I had heard about. My friends told me about this new no carb diet and all it’s benefits. If you’re trying to get strong and ripped then this was the diet for you. You would not be eating anything but pure fruits, veggies, and meat. It’s all the things you need to sustain big healthy muscles. It was close to the Paleo diet as well. And I loved the Paleo diet. So this diet was perfect for me. I started the diet in the middle of May with my friends. We were only eating meat and fruits for every single meal.

It was a tough diet most of the time. There were no chips or cookies involved. But in the end we got into a groove. We would order our broccoli and salmon from restaurants and eat that for lunch and dinner. Breakfast would be fruits and something simple like eggs. It worked for us. And everything was going well. I was traveling all over the world but keeping my diet very strict. There were no carbs in any of my meals even when I wanted it the most. But eventually, I ended up sick and getting my gallbladder removed later that year.

I was fed up and exhausted with everything around me. I chose to put all the important things on pause. The important things in my life consisted of business, business, and more business. I spent so much time focused on growing my business for the last three years. We were breaking our butts traveling to expos and selling to potential clients nonstop. But we finally made strides of progress earlier that year. We broke some milestones that we thought we’d never cross. Somehow we pulled it off. But now I was done with it all. I didn’t care to focus on anything business.

So I didn’t focus on anything business. When a business call came in from a potential client, I would ignore it. When a customer emailed with a complaint or a request for some help, I would look the other way. When there were deadlines to get done, I chose to ignore them or wait to the very last second. And when I did end up working on something it was the least amount of effort. I would do the bare minimum and nothing more. It wasn’t admirable but I just didn’t want to deal with anything business anymore. Later in the year, the business was a few months from going under. Everything had trended down and we lost hundreds if not thousands of paying customers.

These were just two examples of many in the last year. The same thing happened with me ignoring my mental state and not being happy. Later I was depressed and having dark thoughts. The same went with me ignoring my health. I later ended up in the hospital for months out of the year. Anything I ignored eventually deteriorated. And I learned it all the hard way. When you ignore things in life, they will die slowly but surely. We have to put time and energy into the things we care about. Else, everything dies eventually. This applies to business, health, relationships, and everything else.

I know now that whatever I ignore in life will surely fall apart. I don’t want the things I love to fall apart.

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