What’s the difference between settling for things and accepting the way things are?

There’s a win-win situation in every problem. Success in relationships rely more on compromise than most other things. We can’t get everything we want. The world won’t be able to submit to our wishes every time. It’s easier to accept the way things are sometimes. That’s what some of the happiest people on earth do.

But there’s no reason we should settle for things. We have to go for what we know is ours. Don’t settle for limits others put on you. We can accomplish, do, or be anything we want in life. We have to always be willing to work and fight for what we feel we deserve. That’s what some of the most accomplished people on earth do. The question is, “What’s the difference between settling for things and accepting the way things are?”

Here’s my thoughts on the difference between settling for and accepting things.

Society teaches us that settling for things works. We’re taught in school to listen to the teacher and never question their teachings. We get in trouble for distracting the class and wasting time if we dare venture into new subjects. The students that succeed in class or work are the ones who don’t ask questions and just do the work. When you stray from the standard path of college, you are destined to fail. Society says settle for what you have or risk not having anything at all.

But there’s a different side to the story. Life teaches us that the successful don’t settle. The way to the top is to always push and fight for more. You have to question the things that are fed to you. You have to always believe you can work harder and better. When you settle for a certain level of success, someone else is climbing past you because they never stopped pushing. The top one percent say only accept some things and challenge everything else. Be persistent.

But sometimes there’s no clear distinction between settling for things and accepting the way things are. The difference is your level of control. The things we can control is simply things we should never give up on. Whenever we allow things to be and we could change them, we are simply settling. This happens in many people’s lives on a daily basis.

We could be driving down some back roads but we’re sitting here creeping through traffic. You’re settling. We could be with a more compatible spouse but we’re just living life with someone we hate. You’re settling. We could be working at top Fortune 500 company that we love but instead we’re sitting in a cubicle answer support calls. You’re settling.

Everthing doesn’t happen at the perfect times in life so sometimes we have to settle. But the problem isn’t that you’re at a job you hate. The problem is you don’t realize you are. The people who don’t settle may be at the same cubicle job hating every hour just like you. The only difference is they know they don’t want to stay there and use every waking hour to look for that better job. They’re only settling for the moment.

And there’s the people smart enough to accept things for the way they are. You accept things when you know you don’t have to power to make a change. If you can’t choose what church your parents make you go to as a child, then it’s okay to accept it. If the sun comes up every morning at 6 a.m., you can’t stop it from rising every day. You should accept that’s how the universe works.

When you try to change things that should just be accepted, you waste your energy. Some people think they’re just accepting how things are. But many people underestimate their power and the things they can change. Maybe you could move at your parents house to try and be rapper. Maybe you could move to a different timezone for the sun to rise sooner or later. And sometimes you get the power later in life. Maybe 200 years in the future we can control the sun.

We should never settle for things in life. We only get one. And we should accept the things that are out of our power. Don’t waste your energy. But it’s important to ask yourself often if you’re accepting or settling. You never know. One day you might have the power to change the things you once accepted. That’s the goal at least.

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