What’s the biggest lie you once believed was true?

It’s almost impossible to live a full life without telling a lie. The whole world agrees that lies are bad for society and the human race. But for whatever reason we just can’t stop lying. We tell small white lies to make people feel good. We tell straight face lies to avoid our shame and embarrassment. And we tell big bold faced lies to mislead people.

There’s a million and one reasons we justify lying to others. But the truth is, there’s never really a good reason to lie. And when others believe in the lies we tell they get misguided and make uninformed decisions. And while it may seem harmless at first, there’s no doubt that the big bold lies hurt the people we love in the long run. So what’s the biggest lie you once believed was true?

Here’s the biggest lie I once believed was true and my thoughts on it.

The biggest lie I’ve once believed was that people will be one hundred percent loyal. It seems like such a small idea but it has a big impact on people’s lives. I think we all believe this at one point in time. But eventually, we learn the truth about the nature of human beings. There is no true loyalty, just an idea of what it could be. And everyone thinks they’ve found that true loyalty.

And the old me believed that I found that loyalty as well. But I’m wiser now. I’ve seen best friends turn their back on me for the sake of boyfriends. I’ve seen girlfriends turn their back on me for the sake of ex-boyfriends. And I’ve seen close friends jeopardize our friendship for some likes and feeling good. Nobody is completely loyal. We all have a breaking point it’s just a matter of getting there.

I was walking with my bestfriend going for a loop around the neighborhood. I was telling him about all the relationship troubles I’ve been having recently. My girl has been real dry and acting weird towards me. He insisted it’s nothing serious. When I told him about the argument we had the day before that’s when he looked a little concerned. I always gave the people I trusted the benefit of the doubt. But I had to learn my lesson someday.

“So you’re telling me she came home at almost 2am and said she was hanging out with her ex boyfriend? ” “Yeah that’s what happened bro. I was mad at first but it wasn’t a big deal because she said they didn’t do anything except talk.” I was livid that night but by now it had all calmed down and blew over. Maybe it was the fact that I knew she was on her period the last few days that gave me piece of mind.

Or maybe it was just how much I trusted her with all my heart. Regardless, my friend wasn’t buying it. We started browsing through her phone as we walked and talked. I looked everywhere and didn’t see anything. I was right. Then he told me to check Snapchat. And there it was. A thread of text messages between her and her ex were sitting right there in my face. I was shocked.

They surely did more than just talk. And it’s been going on not for days or weeks, but months before this. My heart and mind were shattered. The big giant lie in front of me was unmasked. And while I was upset at my then girlfriend. I eventually forgave her. It took a lot of soul searching and personal discovery to find the courage to forgive and forget.

But until this day I learned so much from that moment. There was a giant lie I was blinded into believing. And that day I learned the truth. People will never be loyal to a fault. We’re humans and we will make human mistakes. We can only hope to be better. But I no longer believe that true loyalty exists… at least not in this world.

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