What’s the best part of growing older?

It’s funny how age works in this world. We’re born as infants young and naive. We’re in a rush to get older and be able to do all the cool adult things. We want to drink and party and sleep as late as we want. Then everything flips on it’s head in the blink of an eye. We hate growing older and dread the day we’re old and fragile. We don’t want to be less cool and start depending on people.

We imagine growing old as this horrible experience where our quality of life hits an all time low. But the truth is there’s many beauties in growing older over the years. Many senior citizens are content and happy every day. When you speak with most there’s a lot more going for them then we realize now. It’s important to adopt a mindset of optimism about getting old early on though. So what’s the best part of you growing older?

Here’s the best part of me getting older and my thoughts on it.

I was rushing to down the narrow colorful halls with makeshift ninja run. It was getting kinda late and I didn’t want to wake all the other students in their dorms. But I was so eager to meet up and finally get to work. Dwayne and I had spent the better half of a week conjuring up all kinds of ideas. And today was the day it was finally going to go down.

I hit the corner and there he was sitting in the open at the table. We loved the way the suites’ open areas had work stations with nice views of the highway. It inspired us to work hard for the nice office with a view we aspired for. So I jumped down beside him and we got straight to work. We came up with a catchy name and bought the domain “mystract.com
We cooked up a logo and a pretty flashy landing page by 2014 standards.

The hardest part was figuring out all the logistics. We were selling custom art pieces direct to customers with an abstract touch to it. But it was hard to get these art pieces uploaded, designed, and printed on canvas. So we stayed up all night planning it all out. It was like the school project due in the morning except we actually wanted to do this one. So let’s just say we pulled one of the greatest all nighters of our college career.

First thing in the morning we woke up with a huge smile. It was launch day. We made a few Instagram and Facebook posts. We wrote up a short sales pitch. And then we launched by telling a handful of friends, sharing our Instagram posts, and sending a couple emails. We launched! It was the fastest feeling ever. We were going to be rolling in the dough. We finally brought a business idea to life.

But later that night almost twenty four hours later guess how many sales we got. Zero. Then a day later than that it was… Zero. And a whole week later we had finally reached a whopping zero sales. It was sad. We failed horribly and made a complete fool of ourselves. We didn’t make a single dollar after pouring all our energy into launching one of our first businesses. But it was okay.

We learned a lot that day. Real businesses aren’t built in one night in your dorm. Real businesses aren’t launched with a single Instagram post. And real businesses are an ongoing hustle not a one and done. But that’s the beauty of getting older. I love learning new things and getting wiser. Everyday I learn something new I become better at this thing called life. Now I know much better when starting a business. And as I get older I’ll only get better and smarter at a million other things!

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