What’s the best part of being you?

Out of seven billion human beings on Earth, there’s only one single person that is you. And that single person, is one of a kind in millions of different ways. Yes you have things in common with your family, your ancestors, and humans in general. But at the same time you are a limited edition, one of one product that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. That being said, you experience the world in a completely different way than everyone else. We may see blue while you see green.

Or even more outlandish, you may see a new color that no one has ever heard of. But many people categorize themselves as just another person. They believe their input and outlook on life is all commonplace. And that’s far from the reality. The reality is you have a unique perspective so you should always be sharing your point of view on things. You should always be put your personal touch on the world. And many people are really interested in knowing about you and your experience being alive. So you should readily be able to answer, “What’s the best part of being you?”.

Here’s a few really short stories on what I believe is the best part of being me.

The only reason I’m opting for the multiple short excerpts is because I’m in a lot of pain right now. I don’t want to skip my answer for today and it’s hard to think while dealing with tiring chest pain. So I’m taking a short cut. I know it won’t be my best answer but it’ll be an answer nonetheless. I mean of course it’s not going to be great. I’m sitting here writing about an excuse for why I’m not writing as much. That’s literally the whole first paragraph of today’s answer. Yikes! Oh well, here goes nothing.

When I was younger my brother was into all kinds of interesting hobbies. He liked playing games like any teen boy. But he also liked taking apart and hacking tech like consoles and phones. And he was super into playing basketball growing up as well. And I would usually watch and admire from a distance as he immersed himself into these new hobbies. I would play games with him. But all the other stuff I just took a full backseat. Then there was the newest hobby he developed when we moved up north. He got really interested in skateboarding.

That was a sport we had never tried back in Atlanta. But it seemed to be a big deal in Naugatuck, Connecticut. So mom got him a skateboard and he would be outside practicing tricks all day long on the streets. It was before school, after school, and sometimes even during school. He was going fulltime on this hobby and it was starting to pay off. I would watch from the window as he went from scrub to starting to land a few tricks. He got consistent with his ollie, kickflip, and could manual for a decent amount of time.

He started making friends that were good at skateboarding as well. And somewhere in there I was inspired to give it a shot. Mom got me a board and I would just watch and practice trying to get even half as good as my brother. By the time I landed my first kickflip, he was doing double kickflips, 360 flips, heelflips, and more. It was impressive seeing him master each new trick. And before we knew it he had surpassed his all his friends that were skateboarding for years before him. And then he told me he wanted to get sponsored.

So I learned as much as I could about other professional skateboarders and how they got sponsored. It seemed like every pro had to start off making called sponsor me tapes. They would make a video of all their best tricks and send it in to top tier skateboarding companies for allowances, free gears, and public endorsement. So I got a dingy little camera and started learning the ins and outs. I would record footage of him skating after school. I would record him winning local skate competitions. And I would record funny bloopers just gagging around.

Then I spent lots of time learning how to edit these clips. I used the most basic of video editors, Windows Movie Maker. And then years later I was mastering the professional suite stuff like Vegas Pro, and Premiere Pro. The tapes went from average to amazing reels. And I went from editing silly skateboarding clips to producing high quality videos for top companies and non-profits. I think I’m great at learning new things and becoming proficient at it. And the best part of being me is being able to take any goal or skill and strategically take steps to accomplish it.

You always inspire me bro. Always remember we can do anything we put our minds to.

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