What’s something you wish you had done earlier in life?

Life is like a mainstream video game. And rather than jumping up to play multiplayer matches with your friends, your life is one long storymode campaign. You get to progress through the story taking on bigger and badder bosses as you go. And the story gets more and more interesting with each level that you complete. Each year that we complete brings in a new one with it’s own set of challenges and rewards. But the challenges we face in the following levels are nothing like the challenges we conquered before it. The requirements for success change and the enemies become much stronger to defeat. That’s what keeps the good games more interesting as you play. It get’s more and more difficult. But there’s another that changes throughout the progress of the game.

The main character or protagonist changes. After you complete all these challenges you improve your skills. You learn new strategies on how to defeat your enemies. And you get stronger with all your new powerups, allies, and weapons. In life we learn all kinds of lessons that help us better handle future situations. And in life we experience things later on that we probably could of never handled in the years before. That’s the plight of life. Some of the things we do are in due time. But that doesn’t mean everything fun, exciting, or insightful has to be done in our later years of life. Some things could of benefited us much more if we did them sooner than later. We all have those moments when we realize how different things might have been if we did some things earlier in life. So what’s something you wish you had done earlier in life?

Here’s my thoughts on something I wish I had done earlier in life.

The majority of things that happen in life are in perfect timing. The sun rises at just the right time. We meet our best friends at just the right age to make a very close bond. We get into college for a computer science degree just as the demand is skyrocketing for computer programmers. The timing of the universe and the things we do is usually very well in sync. This doesn’t mean that we should turn our heads away from any and all decisions we can make to change our life. But it also doesn’t mean that should you be maniacal about controlling every detail of your life until it comes out the way you want. There’s a balance to these things. We have to be determined to create a reality that we want in the timing that we want. But we have to be just as accepting of how the world works on it’s own time and sometimes all we can do is accept it.

That being said, I don’t spend a lot of time wishing and hoping for things to have happened differently. I don’t dwell on how life could have been so different if I was a millionaire much sooner. And I don’t dwell on how I could be so much more impactful if I was to just die a little later. Life will be what it is. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have those thoughts at time. I do. I just choose to think them but not obsess over them. I acknoweldge the thoughts that come to my mind but I can’t give them more attention than they need. Thoughts of regret or unrealistic thinking can only occupy so much of my brain energy. I need to keep the majority of my energy for the real life problems that need solving right now. So understand that I have an answer to what I could of done differently but it’s just an answer. I’m not going to spend anymore time thinking about it than needed.

Because I’ve had the thought before, I already know what I wish I’d done sooner in life. It’s not something that I was eager to experience because I enjoyed it. Some people might jump to answer like sex. Maybe they enjoyed sexual intercourse so much they felt they should of been engaging in it much earlier. And that’s a fair argument for them and their lives. I like enjoying things in life as well. Traveling, having sex, trying drugs, partying, and spending money are all pretty fun things to do in life at some point. But I’m not too stressed about the enjoyment of things here and there. I know those experiences are bound to come in a thoughtful, well-lived life. There’s something I enjoy so much more than having a good time partying at clubs. I enjoy learning new things and becoming a wiser person. And if there was anything that I could do sooner, it would have to do with becoming wiser.

There’s a lot of things that could relate to me learning new things. There’s traveling the world where we almost always have new insights into life. If it isn’t realizing that family should be cherished, it’s the gratefulness that’s restored when we see how other communities around the world are living. Of course I learned a lot from attending college. College is a time of learning and exploration altogether. It’s no wonder that we often leave our college experiences a completely different person than when we first arrived. But I was quite happy with the timing of my college experience. Things would of been very different if I went much younger or without the friends there that kept me company. Without a doubt, I would of loved to start my business a lot earlier in life. It goes without saying that the more time you spend in business, the wiser you become at it. And I’ve really learned a lot over the past few years. But I plan to do business forever, so a few years earlier wouldn’t mean much to me.

The one thing that I would have preferred to do earlier in life is actually something, I didn’t realize I wanted to do at all. I wish I had got my heart broken earlier in life. I know it sounds like a horrible idea but it’s something I believe would of been great for me. I wouldn’t wish heartbreak on my worst enemy because I know how traumatic it can be in the moment. But before my first heartbreak, there was no experience in my life that was as emotionally charged. I was always idealistic and blissfully ignorant when it came to love. I wasn’t eager to fall in love but I thought once I did it would be until the end of time. I didn’t know the true nature of humanity and how hard loyalty, respect, and honesty is for some. I didn’t realize I was so dependent on someone that didn’t always have the best intentions for me. I had to learn the hard way about love, heartbreak, and the nature of humanity.

It was a horrible life experience because I was devastated. I didn’t see any real problems in the relationship. But it was broken to a million pieces right in front of my eyes. And the aftermath was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life before. Everything that was calm and definitive in my life got completely disrupted. I remember feeling completely lost in the world with no true purpose. It was only after months and months that I started to find a little stability again. And even to this day, I still feel the effects of the heartbreak and how it broke my perfect little image of how the world and love worked. I’m now much wiser because of those experiences. I needed to learn those lessons at some point in my life. But there was so much good momentum in my life that was lost because of that relationship. I wish I learned the lessons of heartbreak much earlier so I could be the wiser version of myself sooner.

But what’s done is done. I will keep those lessons close to my heart so my heart doesn’t have to learn them again.

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