What’s something you don’t like to do that you are still really good at?

We’re bound to do things we don’t want to do in life. The journey to our goals will always have bumps and hills. We’re forced to go off the beaten path at some point on the trip. If everything was easy and handed to us, it would have no real value to us. So we learn to adapt and change who we are to take on the obstacles in front of us. That makes us more resilient and determined as a person. But we still hate doing things that we don’t like. Nobody really wants to file taxes or go up to the DMV for any reason. But in order to get through life we have to push through doing those things that we hate.

And we often hate doing things that we just aren’t good at. The kid who sucked at numbers usually hates going to math class. We don’t like feeling like we’re inadequate. That’s why we naturally spend time doing the things we’re good at. All it takes is one glimpse or thought that you’re naturally good at something to suck in you in to it. That’s how many prodigies are created. But sometimes, you are great at things that you just don’t like doing. It seems so counterintuitive but it happens all the time. The kid that’s tall and a great basketball player but would rather read and study science all day. We’ve all had that experience of being good at things we’re not keen to doing. So what’s something you don’t like to do that you are still really good at?

Here’s a short story on what I hate doing that I’m still really good at.

We were all pooped when we walked into the apartment. It was an epic day riding rides, eating junk food, and taking pictures with our favorite animated characters. I enjoyed Disney World a thousand times more than I expected to. And it was for the two girls not me. But it was so much walking and standing. I don’t think I’ve been on my feet that much my entire life. So me and DeAsia went to our room to get a quick nap. Dwayne and Eilidh went to their room to do the same. We all need a long shower with a lot of soap. The happiest place on Earth was definitely one of the hottest places on Earth that day. They should probably install some park wide air conditioning at some point.

After twenty minutes we all met in the open living room area. Dwayne was looking for a good show to turn on. I started looking for food to order that everyone would eat. Eventually I ordered two boxes of pizza because it was the simplest thing I could come up with. As we waited for the pizza and Dwayne to pick a show, we all started chatting. We were talking about our favorite parts at the park and the scariest rides. We all loved the safari type ride where we saw lots of amazing exotic animals out in the wild. Well, it was a nice replica of what the wild looked like. We also enjoyed the virtual ride they created for Avatar. It was so much more impressive and immersive than we thought.

Dwayne and Eilidh branched off into some other weird conversation that had nothing to do with Disney. DeAsia and I just started laughing and giggling. I think they were talking about girls and guys in different relationships. I didn’t have much to say at the moment. Then Dwayne turned to me and asked my opinion on a simple point. He asked if there were more gay relationships or straight relationships in the world. Then I made a pretty basic statement claiming that there’s more than likely way more straight relationships in the world. Then Eilidh jumped in saying I couldn’t possibly know that. And I agreed. But she then insisted there were probably a lot of gay people that were still hiding in the closet.

That’s when the main debate began between me and Eilidh. I understood her point about not everyone being openly gay. But at the same time, I told her there’s no way that many people are still in the closet. We started arguing back and forth about that and many other points. I tried to work backwards with her to do the math on the situation. I don’t remember exactly what I said but I was making it simple to understand. It was something straightforward like Googling how many people are estimated to be gay in the U.S. It was a shockingly low number. Then I tried to work backward with the amount of people in the U.S. that even if majority of the gay people were not openly gay, it’s almost impossible for their to be more gays than straights.

We went back and forth. I felt as though I was making a pretty clear point. Eilidh disagreed with everything I said. We got into debate after debate on different subjects. By the end of the conversation I said something like, “If you can’t be straight up about this point I can’t respect that you’ll be honest in this conversation. So I’m done talking to it with you.” That’s when the whole room fell silent. Dwayne and DeAsia were just amused watching our two minds go at it. Ultimately, I felt as though I won the debate and what I was saying made the most sense. But as the pizza arrived everyone in the room was acting a little weird. Eilidh got offended in the process and it made our whole night a little less normal. And I learned something important that night.

The trip was for DeAsia and Eilidh’s birthday. They were supposed to be having fun and enjoying themselves. The ego boost of being right that night wasn’t worth ruining the experience for everyone. Not every argument is worth it. I know I’m really good at debating about almost anything. But I hate debating with people because it rarely ends well. It usually ends with people feeling offended, a screaming match, or a loss of respect for the other party. When’s the last time you saw two people debating and one person concedes and agrees the other person was right. Never. I’m amazing at debating. I don’t say arguing because that’s just a screaming match. But either way, nine times out of ten I hate doing both.

Sorry for arguing over something so stupid and ruining the vibe that night Eilidh! Still love ya :).

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